How do I operate features on my phone?

Centenary supports two different types of phone lines. These two phones operate differently. Many Staff members have a digital line which uses a special black phone from NEC provided by the college. Other lines are analog and any phone purchased from a retailer can be used. Please refer to the instructions for your type of line below.

Analog (Students and other campus lines)

  • To Place a Call: Lift handset dial 9 plus desired number OR dial station number.

  • Receive a Call: Lift handset.

  • Hold:

    • To put a caller on hold press Hold button. If you do not have a Hold button, press the FLASH key (Switch hook), wait for dial tone, then press *4. Do Not Hang up the Handset (if you do not have a hold key).

    • To reconnect to a call on Hold, Press the FLASH key or Switch hook.

  • Transfer: Press FLASH/TRANSFER (Switch hook), hear interrupted dial tone, dial station number to receive call, hear ringing and hang up. Depress the Flash/Transfer (Switch hook) a second time before transferred call is answered will cancel the transfer function and return the call to you.

  • Conference: With a call in progress, press FLASH (Switch hook), dial station or 9 plus outside number to add in to Conference wait for 3rd party to answer, inform them of the conference call, depress FLASH (Switch hook). (3-Way conference is established).

  • Park:

    • To Set: Depress Flash (Switch hook), dial *9, hear confirmation tone, hang up.

    • To Retrieve: (From a remote location) Lift handset, dial #8 & dial extension number where call was originally parked.

  • Pick-up Direct: Lift handset, dial *7 plus ringing station number.

  • Last Number RedialL: Lift handset, dial ** or press Redial key.

  • System Speed Calling: Lift handset, dial ## plus 3 digit code. (list will be provided at a later date)

Digital (Staff - Black NEC Phone)

  • Receiving a Call: Depress ringing line to answer the following calls:

    • Outside Call- Fast Ring Signal

    • Internal Call- Normal Ring Signal

  • Placing a Call:

    • Outside Call: Dial "9" followed by desired number

    • Internal Call: Dial the 4 digit extension number

  • Up/Down Arrow: Used to adjust LCD contrast, speaker/receiver volume, and ringer volume

  • Call Hold:

    • Standard Hold: Press HOLD once, associated LED flashes green, replace handset. Anyone with this appearance may pick up the call.

    • Exclusive Hold: Press HOLD twice, associated LED flashes green, replace handset. This call can only be retrieved from the station which activated the Hold feature.

    • Hold Retrieval: Lift handset and depress flashing green line key

  • Transfering a Call(TRANSFER): Press TRANSFER, you will hear interrupted dial tone and the caller will be put on a TRF hold.. Dial the station number to receive call, hear ringing or converse and hang up to complete the transfer.

    Depressing the TRF a second time before the transferred call is answered will cancel the TRF function and return you to your original party.

    • Answer: Not Applicable

    • Speaker: To place a Speaker phone (Handsfree) call depress your SPEAKER Key. In order for you to speak handsfree your MIC light must be lit.

  • Feature Key:

    • FEATURE +1= Turns Microphone on or off

    • FEATURE +2= Adjusts handset receiver volume. Use arrows up/down to adjust

    • FEATURE +3= Selects ringer tone

  • Recall: Depressing the RECALL will disconnect a call (internal & external). You will then have internal dial tone.

  • Conference Calling (CONF): With a call in progress, (internal or external), press TRANSFER, dial a station number or "9" followed by the desired outside number for the third party, wait for third party to answer, inform them of the conference call, depress CONF and a three-way conference is established. The associated CONF lights and CONF will appear in the display.

  • Last Number Redial (REDIAL): Press REDIAL until desired number is displayed, then Press *

  • Call Forwarding (FWD-A):

    • ALL CALLS: Redirects all of your calls to another extension or voicemail

    • To Set: Lift handset, press FWD-A key, dial the extension that calls are to be directed to.

    • To Cancel: Lift handset, press FWD-A key & *

  • Hands Free/Speaker phone: Press Speaker key, dial ext. or outside number you wish to speak with. Your conversation will be thru the speaker.

  • Call Pick up: Enables remote access to a ringing phone within a group or the facility.

    • Call Pick Up Groups: Lift Handset, depress PICK

    • Call Pick Up Directed: Lift Handset, depress ACCESS CODE *7+ (4) digit ringing extension

  • System Speed Dial (SYS SPD): Lift Handset, depress SYS SPD followed by 3 digit system speed dial code (List to be provided by Centenary)

  • Headset: This key will allow headset users to toggle between the headset and the handset. Depress Headset key (the LCD will blink), to activate the headset. When handset operation is desired, depress Headset key.

  • Call Park: Allows a call to be placed on hold and retrieved from any location:

    • To Park: Depress PARK key or press TRANS + *9

    • To Retrieve Call from originating Telephone: Lift handset, dial #9

    • To Retrieve Call from Another Telephone: Lift handset, Dial #8 & the extension number which originally parked the call

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