How do I setup employee email on my device?

This includes, iPhones / IOS powered devices as well as Android powered phones and mobile devices

Configure as an Exchange or Corporate account inside Settings (Mail, Contacts, Calendars for iOS or Accounts and Sync for Android)

Exchange Server settings:

Domain: centenary (required)
Username: your username when logging into your workstation on campus
Password: your password when logging into your workstation on campus

If no domain field is available if it is missing on some android devices, you will need to enter your username like the following: centenary\username

Keep in mind that once you've tied your device to your employee email account it will become part of the 90 day password expiration. To make sure you do not lock your account out, be sure and only attempt password change while at your PC at Centenary and immediately change the password on your device. Failure to do so within a few seconds will result in a locked account.

  • When changing your password on your mobile device, make sure wireless is turned off on your phone or iPad and that you are using your 3G/4G/LTE connection. If you do not have 3G/4G, verify you can browse the internet by searching for something on Google prior to changing your password.
  • Type your new password in both locations without saving changes (your computer and device)
  • Click OK on your computer, then OK on your device.

Following these directions will keep your account active assuming both your device has internet connectivity and the PC is connected to the wired Centenary network at the time of the password reset.