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No.402 42nd Street
No.651 Absence Of Malice
No.500 Ace In The Hole (2-disc)
No.416 Across The Pacific
No.417 Action In The North Atlantic
No.580 Adam Bede
No.652 Adam's Rib
No.356 After The Thin Man
No.545 Agnes & His Brothers
No.595 Aimee & Jaguar
No.143 Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon
No.147 Alfred Hitchcock Presents Volume 2
No.148 Alfred Hitchcock Presents Volume 3
No.351 Alias Nick & Nora
No.174 All About Eve
No.382 All That Jazz (BA)
No.217 All The King's Men
No.283 All The President's Men (2-disc set)
No.418 All Through The Night
No.684 American Gangster (2-disc)
No.408 An American In Paris
No.256 American Psycho
No.574 Angel On My Shoulder
No.105 Angels With Dirty Faces
No.180 pt.1&2 Anna Karenina (2-disc set)
No.354 Another Thin Man
No.596 Antares
No.505 The Aristocrats
No.667 Arms And The Men
No.169 The Asphalt Jungle
No.485 Avant-Garde
No.631 The Awful Truth
No.515 Babel
No.340 Baby Doll
No.634 The Bachelor And The Bobby-Soxer
No.137 The Ballad Of The Sad Café
No.251 Beat The Devil
No.587 Becket
No.502 Beckett On Film (4-disc)
No.592 Before The Fall
No.175 Bent
No.431 The Berkeleys Of Broadway
No.81 Beyond Silence
No.295 The Bible: Abraham
No.290 The Bible: David
No.286 The Bible: Esther
No.287 The Bible: Genesis
No.291 The Bible: Jacob
No.288 The Bible: Jeremiah
No.293 The Bible: Joseph
No.292 The Bible: Moses
No.294 The Bible: Samson And Delilah
No.289 The Bible: Solomon
No.218 Bird Of Paradise
No.149 The Birds
No.491 The Blackboard Jungle
No.455 Blazing Saddles
No.272 Bleak House (BBC)
No.239 Blow
No.80 The Blue Angel
No.546 The Blue Light
No.359 Boom Town
No.79 Das Boot: Director's Cut
No.656 Border Incident
No.657 Born To Kill
No.140 Boxcar Bertha
No.224 The Bridge
No.602 Broadway Melody Of 1940
No.553 Brokeback Mountain
No.403 The Busby Berkley Disc
No.637 Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid
No.57 Butley
No.202 The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari
No.412 Call Of The Wild (1935)
No.221 Camp
No.214 Capote
No.406 Carefree
No.472 Carmen
No.419 Casablanca
No.330 Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
No.381 Cats (BA)
No.252 Chaplin: Charlie Chaplin Marathon
No.386 The Cheyenne Social Club
No.380 Chicago (BA)
No.360 The China Seas
No.250 The China Syndrome
No.517 The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe (2-disc)
No.466 The Cider House Rules
No.282 Cinderella Man
No.261 City Of Angels
No.658 Clash By Night
No.164 The Client
No.571 Code 46
No.638 The Color Of Money
No.197 The Company
No.627 The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection (5-disc)
No.223 The Constant Gardener
No.555 The Cotton Club
No.547 Council Of The Gods
No.219 Crash
No.397 Cries And Whispers
No.659 Crossfire (1947)
No.400 Dames
No.409 Damn Yankees
No.361 Dancing Lady
No.538 Dangerous Minds
No.581 Daniel Deronda
No.375 David Copperfield (BBC)
No.445 Days Of Wine And Roses
No.319 Death Of A Salesman (2002)
No.514 The Departed (2-disc)
No.632 Destination Tokyo
No.668 The Devil's Advocate (BBC)
No.129 Dial M For Murder
No.456 Dial M For Murder (copy 2)
No.660 Dillinger (1945)
No.285 Dog Day Afternoon (2-disc set)
No.167 pt.1&2 La Dolce Vita (2-disc set)
No.378 Dombey And Son (BBC)
No.626 Donnie Brasco
No.548 Downfall
No.601 Dreamgirls
No.639 The Drowning Pool
No.255 Drugstore Cowboy
No.492 The Education Of Shelby Knox
No.549 The Edukators
No.62 Edward Albee’s A Delicate Balance
No.490 Election
No.126 Elephant
No.487 Elizabeth I (parts 1 & 2)
No.674 Elizabeth: The Golden Age
No.365 End Of The Spear
No.236 Erin Brockovich
No.55 Eunesco’s Rhinoceros
No.78 Europa Europa
No.559 F.W. Murnau's Faust
No.513 A Face In The Crowd
No.461 Fair Weather
No.576 Fame
No.150 Family Plot
No.593 Faraway, So Close!
No.244 A Farewell To Arms (1933)
No.611 A Farewell To Arms (1957)
No.171 Fast Times At Ridgemont High
No.550 Fateless
No.457 Father Of The Bride (1950)
No.245 Father's Little Dividend
No.388 The FBI Story
No.533 Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
No.661 Film Noir: Bringing Darkness To Light
No.568 First Daughter
No.220 Flatliners
No.405 Flying Down To Rio
No.432 Follow The Fleet
No.401 Footlight Parade
No.320 For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide, When The Rainbow Is Enuf
No.458 For Me And My Gal
No.130 Foreign Correspondent
No.583 The Formula (Brando)
No.383 Foyle's War (4-disc set)
No.384 Foyle's War Set 2 (4-disc set)
No.385 Foyle's War Set 3 (4-disc set)
No.629 Foyle's War Set 4 (4-disc)
No.630 Foyle's War Set 5 (3-disc)
No.618 Freedom Writers
No.151 Frenzy
No.640 From The Terrace
No.560 Fuehrer Ex
No.206 A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum
No.61 Galileo
No.415 The Gay Divorcee
No.362 Giant (2-disc set)
No.605 Les Girls
No.617 The Glass Menagerie
No.561 The Gliwitz Case
No.551 Go For Zucker
No.399 Gold Diggers Of 1933
No.398 Gold Diggers Of 1935
No.274 Good Night, And Good Luck
No.77 Goodbye, Lenin!
No.540 Goodbye, Mr. Chips
No.368 Gothika
No.270 Great Expectations (BBC, 1981)
No.254 The Green Mile
No.516 The Guardian (2006)
No.168 Gun Crazy
No.477 Guys & Balls
No.271 Hard Times (BBC)
No.72 The Harmonists
No.625 Harold And Maude
No.641 Harper
No.329 Head On
No.669 Heartbreak House (BBC)
No.226 Heimat (6-disc set)
No.40/41 Hemingway (2 disc set)
No.610 Hemingway's Adventures Of A Young Man
No.503 The Henrik Ibsen Collection(6-disc)
No.454 High Anxiety
No.541 High School High
No.420 High Sierra
No.603 High Society
No.624 Higher Learning
No.631 His Girl Friday
No.662 His Kind Of Woman
No.453 History Of The World Part I
No.46 Hockney at the Tate
No.631 Holiday
No.686 The Holy Mountain
No.321 Home (BTA)
No.68 The Homecoming
No.248 Hometown Story
No.198 Hotel Rwanda
No.642 Hud
No.643 The Hustler
No.573 I Capture The Castle
No.131 I Confess
No.58 The Iceman Cometh
No.534 The Illusionist
No.66 In Celebration
No.620 In Country
No.478 In July
No.51 In Praise of Love
No.396 Inherit The Wind (1960)
No.685 The Initiation Of Sarah
No.676 Interview With The Vampire
No.176 Into The Woods
No.63 Jacques Brel is Alive & Well & Living in Paris
No.1/2 Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice
No.535 Jane Eyre
No.673 John Adams (3-disc)
No.60 John Osborne’s Luther
No.363 John Steinbeck's East Of Eden (2-disc set)
No.572 Johnny Mnemonic
No.579 The Judi Dench Collection (9-disc)
No.165 Julius Caesar
No.681 Juno
No.216 Jurassic Park: Adventure Pack (3-disc set)
No.543 Kindergarten Cop
No.212 King Kong (1933)
No.213 King Kong (2005, 2-disc set)
No.486 King Of Thieves
No.604 Kiss Me Kate
No.86 A Knight's Tale
No.663 Lady In The Lake
No.92 Lar Lubovitch's Othello (Ballet)
No.562 The Last Day
No.599 The Last King Of Scotland
No.322 The Last Of Mrs. Lincoln (BTA)
No.181 The Last Waltz
No.628 Laurence Olivier Presents (3-disc)
No.241 Leaving Las Vegas
No.644 The Left-Handed Gun
No.182 pt.1&3 The Leopard (3-disc)
No.675 Lerner & Lowe's Camelot
No.141 A Letter To Three Wives
No.600 Letters From Iwo Jima (2-disc)
No.106 Little Caesar
No.470 Little Miss Sunshine
No.557 Locked Up
No.474 Lohengrin
No.127 Long Day's Journey Into Night (2-disc set)
No.645 The Long Hot Summer
No.210 Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (2-disc set)
No.566 Lord Of War
No.82 The Lost Honor Of Katharina Blum
No.64 Lost in the Stars
No.107 Lost In Translation
No.240 The Lost Weekend
No.335 Luther
No.646 The Mackintosh Man
No.56 The Maids
No.65 The Man in the Glass Booth
No.501 Man Push Cart
No.575 The Man Who Knew Too Little
No.152 The Man Who Knew Too Much
No.138 The Manchurian Candidate (1962)
No.170 The Manchurian Candidate (2004)
No.153 Marnie
No.273 Martin Chuzzlewit (BBC)
No.563 Mephisto
No.678 Michael Clayton
No.578 Middlemarch
No.459 Mildred Pearce
No.582 The Mill On The Floss
No.670 The Millionairess (BBC)
No.358 Mogambo
No.74 Mostly Martha
No.615 Mozart's The Magic Flute
No.132 Mr. & Mrs. Smith
No.635 Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
No.680 Mr. Brooks
No.672 Mrs. Warren's Profession (BBC)
No.564 Munchausen (1943)
No.133 Murder My Sweet
No.480 The Murderers Among Us
No.588 Mutiny On The Bounty (2-disc)
No.636 My Favorite Wife
No.228 Naked Among Wolves
No.387 The Naked Spur
No.664 The Narrow Margin (1952)
No.284 Network (2-disc set)
No.139 New York, New York
No.633 Night And Day
No.339 The Night Of The Iguana
No.565 The Ninth Day
No.679 No Country For Old Men
No.100 North By Northwest
No.43 Nosferatu
No.76 Nosferatu (2-disc: Ger & Eng ver.)
No.460 Now, Voyager
No.73 Nowhere In Africa
No.332 Ocean's 11 (1960)
No.333 Ocean's Eleven (2001)
No.334 Ocean's Twelve
No.376 The Old Curiosity Shop (BBC)
No.267 Oliver Twist (BBC, 1985)
No.665 On Dangerous Ground
No.589 On The Waterfront
No.631 Only Angels Have Wings
No.178 Operation Pacific
No.379 The Oscar Wilde Collection (2-disc set)
No.269 Our Mutual Friend
No.128 Out Of The Past
No.623 Panic Room
No.423 Passage To Marseilles
No.280 Passion
No.653 Pat And Mike
No.102 The Petrified Forest
No.59 The Petrified Forest (copy 2)
No.377 The Pickwick Papers (BBC)
No.410 Pippin
No.647 Pocket Money
No.246 Pot O'Gold
No.203 Pride & Prejudice (2005)
No.539 The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie
No.279 Primo
No.154 Psycho (1960)
No.103 The Public Enemy
No.558 Punishment Park
No.671 Pygmalion (BBC)
No.683 Queen Sized
No.616 The Queen
No.666 The Racket
No.144 pt.1&2 Raging Bull (2-disc set)
No.183 pt.1&2 Ray (2-disc set)
No.155 Rear Window
No.364 Rebel Without A Cause (2-disc set)
No.243 Reefer Madness
No.585 Reflections In A Golden Eye
No.475 Regular Guys
No.281 Rent (2-disc set)
No.227 Requiem For A Dream
No.263 The Road To Perdition
No.101 The Roaring Twenties
No.407 Roberta
No.452 Robin Hood: Men In Tights
No.341 The Roman Spring Of Mrs. Stone
No.173 pt.1&2 A Room With A View (2-disc set)
No.156 Rope
No.142 Rosenstrasse
No.554 Rotation
No.75 Run Lola Run
No.687 S.O.S. Iceberg
No.157 Saboteur
No.370 San Francisco
No.323 Scarecrow (BTA)
No.233 Scarface (1983, 2-disc)
No.622 Scary Movie
No.484 Schramm
No.483 Schultze Gets The Blues
No.145 The Set-Up
No.158 Shadow Of A Doubt
No.353 Shadow Of The Thin Man
No.12 Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well
No.23 Shakespeare’s Antony & Cleopatra
No.16 Shakespeare’s As You Like It
No.3 Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors (BBC)
No.32 Shakespeare’s Coriolanus
No.10 Shakespeare’s Cymbeline
No.22 Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
No.34/35 Shakespeare’s Henry IV
No.36 Shakespeare’s Henry V
No.18/19/20 Shakespeare’s Henry VI
No.38 Shakespeare’s Henry VIII
No.11 Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar
No.584 Shakespeare's Julius Caesar (1953)
No.39 Shakespeare’s King John
No.17 Shakespeare’s King Lear
No.21 Shakespeare’s King Richard the Second
No.5 Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost
No.25 Shakespeare’s Macbeth
No.28 Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure
No.14 Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice
No.27 Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor
No.29 Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream
No.4 Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing
No.9 Shakespeare’s Othello
No.26 Shakespeare’s Pericles, Prince of Tyre
No.37 Shakespeare’s Richard III
No.24 Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet
No.6 Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew
No.7 Shakespeare’s The Tempest
No.8 Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens
No.33 Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus
No.31 Shakespeare’s Troilus & Cressida
No.13 Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
No.30 Shakespeare’s Two Gentlemen of Verona
No.15 Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale
No.433 Shall We Dance (1937)
No.391 The Shining (1980)
No.691 Short 8 Vision
No.577 Silas Marner
No.451 Silent Movie
No.606 Silk Stockings
No.366 Six Characters In Search Of An Author
No.607 Slaughterhouse Five
No.179 Sleepy Hollow
No.42 Smokey Joe’s Cafe
No.44 Smokey Joe’s Cafe (copy 2)
No.612 The Snows Of Kilimanjaro
No.413 Soldier Of Fortune
No.648 Somebody Up There Likes Me
No.352 Song Of The Thin Man
No.482 Sophie Scroll
No.518 Sophisticated Ladies
No.654 The Spencer Tracy Legacy
No.389 The Spirit Of St. Louis
No.594 Spring Symphony
No.134 Stage Fright
No.489 Stand And Deliver
No.324 Steambath (BTA)
No.688 Storm Over Mont Blonc
No.404 The Story Of Vernon And Irene Castle
No.249 The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers
No.247 The Stranger
No.172 pt.1&2 Strangers On A Train (2-disc set)
No.390 The Stratton Story
No.336 A Streetcar Named Desire (2-disc set)
No.570 Stuck On You
No.462 Summer Stock
No.476 Summer Storm
No.609 The Sun Also Rises
No.177 Sunday In The Park With George
No.135 Suspicion
No.192 Sweeney Todd
No.677 Sweeney Todd (2008)
No.338 Sweet Bird Of Youth
No.411 Sweet Charity
No.434 Swing Time
No.567 Sylvia
No.631 Talk Of The Town
No.414 The Tall Men
No.556 Tap
No.259 Taxi Driver
No.586 The Teahouse Of The August Moon
No.337 Tennessee Williams' South
No.682 There Will Be Blood
No.424 They Drive By Night
No.355 The Thin Man Goes Home
No.357 The Thin Man
No.463 Three Little Words
No.67 Three Sisters
No.689 Tiefland
No.464 Till The Clouds Roll By
No.71 The Tin Drum
No.449 To Be Or Not To Be (1983)
No.208 To Kill A Mockingbird (2-disc set)
No.542 To Sir, With Love
No.435 Top Hat
No.159 Topaz
No.160 Torn Curtain
No.232 Traffic
No.242 Trainspotting (2-disc set)
No.425 The Treasure Of The Sierre Madre
No.161 The Trouble With Harry
No.211 The Tunnel
No.450 The Twelve Chairs
No.325 Uncommon Women And Others
No.608 Under My Skin
No.506 Various
No.649 The Verdict
No.326 Verno, USO Girl
No.162 Vertigo
No.275 Walk The Line
No.264 War Of The Worlds (2005)
No.278 The War Of The Worlds (1953)
No.544 What's Love Got To Do With It
No.253 When A Man Loves A Woman
No.104 White Heat
No.690 The White Hell Of Pitz Palu
No.369 Wife Versus Secretary
No.590 The Wild One
No.569 Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!
No.655 Woman Of The Year
No.48 Work of Director Chris Cunningham
No.49 Work of Director Michel Gondry
No.50 The Work of Director Spike Jonze
No.136 The Wrong Man
No.45 X-Men
No.448 Young Frankenstein
No.650 The Young Philadelphians
No.692 Zen Noir
No.465 The Ziegfeld Follies