Library Lobby Art Gallery

The following policy has been designed to promote access to Magale's Art Gallery and to ensure all shows in the Gallery in the front lobby reflect the library’s commitment to quality and scholarship.

Library exhibits must be approved by the Art Gallery Manager & Reference/Electronic Resources/Web Librarian. If you are interested, please contact (318) 869-5058.

Exhibits are planned well in advance. A specific day will be provided for delivery and installation of the work, and another day will be scheduled for removal of materials. These dates will correspond to the hours and days the library is open.

Each lender must sign a contract which will include the period of time the show is to be exhibited, the rules governing receptions, etc., and the commission the library receives on any of the items that are sold during the exhibit.

Exhibits will normally be approved for a display period of one month; however, exceptions may be made to extend shows beyond 4 weeks.

All exhibits must appear in a finished state. No unmatted or unframed works will be accepted unless specifically approved by the Art Gallery Manager. Materials hung in the library lobby must be hung on the rails provided. No glue, tape or tacks may be used to mount items directly to the library walls.

Any exhibit costs and publicity are assumed by the artist or sponsoring association.

No special lighting is provided except the library’s overhead lights in place. Signage for the exhibit is your responsibility. A price list is to be provided by the exhibitors to be kept at the Circulation Desk for any inquiries.

Monies for any sales will be kept by the Art Gallery Manager and turned over to the exhibitor at the end of the show, minus the commission. No work will be removed during the time the show is scheduled to run, even if a work is sold.

The library is not responsible for any valuable items placed in exhibit. Lenders are strongly advised to carry separate insurance on works that have a professional evaluation of worth attached to them for the duration of the show.