Loan Periods and Renewals

All students, adjunct faculty, and staff have a 28-day loan period with 2 renewals allowable on most circulating library materials. Renewals can be done via the phone by calling ext. 5047 or in person at the Circulation Desk. Undergraduate Student summer borrowing privileges are limited to those enrolled in summer school classes at Centenary, or those who can present letters from a faculty member indicating research needs. Graduate students are extended borrowing privileges on a semester by semester basis, covering only those periods when they are enrolled in a course at Centenary.

All full-time faculty: have a full academic year checkout period, with renewals requested once an academic year.

Interlibrary Loans: due date is set by the lending library. If you need it longer, request an extension with the Interlibrary Loan Department directly before the material is due. Circulation Desk cannot renew ILL books.

MBA Projects: MBA students may check out a maximum of two projects at a time. The projects go out for a loan period of 7 days, with one renewal. MBA projects do not circulate to non-Centenary, non-MBA students.

Periodicals: normally do not leave the library building. However, faculty may sign a volume out upon request at the Circulation Desk. A 24-hour checkout to faculty is used unless otherwise arranged.

DVD & VHS Collections: The Library’s video collection has a varied loan period. There is usually a limit of one media material check out at a time. All DVD documentaries are checked out for a 24-hour period. All DVD movies and videotape movies are checked out for a 3-day period. All reference videos are checked out for a 7-day period, with no restriction on the quantity checked out. These loan rules are for all Centenary faculty, staff & students. Loan periods can be extended upon request of a library staff member. If you wish to renew anything from the video collections, you will have to bring the material back to the Circulation Desk for renewal. This cannot be done through the phone or by internet.

Any DVD or videotape placed on reserve will have a loan period determined by the instructor. Only students enrolled in that course will be able to borrow the video. Fines of $5.00 per day accumulate on reserve videos. In addition, the faculty member will be informed of any student not returning a reserve video.

All videos checked out on a one day loan period must be returned the hour the library opens of the following day.

Faculty may check out videos for an extended time for classroom use.

All video materials cease circulating three days before the start of exams each semester.

During any loan period, materials are subject to recall for course reserves.

All borrowers are responsible for the payment of late fines and/or replacement fees for lost items.