Microfiche / Film Facilities

Some of our older journals, newspapers and E.R.I.C. documents are still in microforms. The storage cabinets for these materials are on the second floor of the library.

The new Microfiche/film reader is in the scanner area on the first floor of the library. Copies from this reader is free and can go to the main lobby printer or a designated email address. This reader is for current Centenary patrons only.

The older Microfiche/film reader/printers are in a study room on second floor so marked for these purposes. Copies from these readers cost 10 cents per page.

Centenary and non-Centenary patrons have access to the fiche and film. However, we no longer have paper copies of the indices to these materials. Centenary patrons have computer access to such files.

Any individual using the fiche or film may use these materials with minimal assistance provided by the library staff.