Retrieving Materials from the Law Room

The Law Room is available for faculty and political science majors conducting political science or law research. Political science students require prior approval by the Chair of the Political Science program in order to gain access to resources in the Law Room.

Students and faculty are allowed access to the Law Room during library hours only. A library staff member will unlock the Law Room for any Centenary student or faculty member to gain access. The researcher must sign the log book upon entering the Law Room.

The materials in the Law Room are cataloged and can be located by using the electronic card catalog. The law books and law journals in the Law Room do not circulate.

Alumni & Non-Centenary Patrons Access

Non-Centenary patrons have limited access to the materials in the Law Room. They must request use of specific volumes at the Circulation Desk. The number of volumes retrieved will be limited to no more than three. The volumes must be used by the patron within sight of the Circulation Desk.

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