Patron & Non-Patron Privileges

The library reserves the right to deny use to any Centenary or non-Centenary patron who causes disruption in the library, either by unacceptable behavior, or by tampering with the library collections


Centenary students, staff and faculty can check out circulating materials by bringing them to the Circulation Desk and presenting a current Centenary College ID card. Library accounts must be in good standing with no fines above $10 or bills for unreturned books.

For Undergraduates, borrowing privileges extend for the semesters enrolled. During the regular academic year this means from August to the May weekend of graduation. If an undergraduate is enrolled in an on-campus May Module, borrowing privileges are extended to the last day of the module classes.

Any student enrolled in summer school has borrowing privileges for the period of summer school classes, normally June 1st to July 15th.

Verification of enrollment is sent to the Circulation Department and must be used to create or renew a patron record.

An undergraduate who is a resident of Shreveport but not enrolled in either the May module or summer school does not have borrowing privileges until the beginning of the fall semester. When a student is engaged in a research project, the supervising faculty member can give written permission for that student to continue to have borrowing privileges over the summer.

All library materials checked out in April or December are due no later than the last day of finals. All video/dvd lending ceases three days before the beginning of finals. The exception to this occurs if a documentary or movie is assigned by the professor as a component of a final exam.

Borrowing library materials is a privilege and not a right. If a person is consistently returning library materials so late that the materials are billed out as permanently missing, an examination of privileges will be done by library staff in conjunction with the library patron.

Any failure to return videos, or returning videos more than three days late and failing to pay fines when videos are returned, automatically revokes borrowing privileges for videos only. This does not affect the ability to check out reserve items or books.

Graduate students have borrowing privileges only for the semester in which they are enrolled. Thus, graduate students are always enrolled on a semester-by-semester calendar. If they are not currently enrolled in a class but are still in the program, they do not have borrowing privileges.

Graduate students are also issued LALINC cards on a semester-by-semester calendar. Full-time teaching faculty have borrowing privileges on a year-round basis.

Any materials borrowed by faculty, with the exception of Interlibrary Loan materials, are checked out for the entire year and can be renewed by request. None of the Magale Library materials should accrue fines on faculty checkout. Faculty materials requested by another patron can be conveyed to the faculty member for early return. As with all transactions, the name of the person currently in possession of an item is never made public.

There are no guest cards issued to non-Centenary persons, except by special order of the Administration.

Full-time Centenary College staff has borrowing privileges as long as they are employed at the college. Their records must be renewed at the beginning of each new academic year. They have limited borrowing privileges and are liable for fines for any materials kept overdue or for the replacement costs for any materials not returned.


Adjunct Faculty: Checkout by semester period; all other privileges to faculty apply.

Archives User: Materials will be brought to Circulation Desk for use in the Circulation area. The Archivist may bring non-Centenary patrons to the Archives Room to pursue research at the source.

Area college students: Use of materials in the open stacks, the copier, and the snack machines. Needs to sign in at the Circulation Desk. No checkout privileges, no use of computers, scanners, study rooms, or screening room.

Centenary Board of Trustees Member: Checkout privilege for the regular 28-day period.

Centenary College Alumni: Can apply for a library card at Circulation Desk, limited check-out, no interlibrary loans, no use of study rooms, computer classrooms, or the screening room. Email privileges only when computers are available and assigned. There is a computer set aside in the library for alumni use on the first floor of Magale. For more information, see the Alumni Privileges Policy.

Class Groups: Non-Centenary: All class groups must be accompanied by a teacher. All must sign in the guest book. The teacher must have a letter from their school librarian stating a need to use Magale Library (all school resources exhausted). All group visits must be cleared ahead of time by contacting the Circulation Department, 869-5047. As the guest book states: "The library reserves the right to deny limited use to any non-Centenary patron found to cause disruption in the library, either in unacceptable behavior or by tampering with stacks collections".

College Speakers or Special Academic Fellows Guests: I.D. provided by college for Library use. Sign-in at Circulation Desk, no check out privileges, use of computers when computers are available and assigned, use of materials in open stacks.

Departmental Guests: I.D. must be provided by department for Library use. Sign-in at Circulation Desk. No check-out privileges, use of computers for email when computers are available and assigned, use of materials in open stacks.

Dependents of faculty, staff, students, retirees have no separate checkout privileges; must sign the non-Centenary patron book at the Circulation Desk; have no computer or printer usage in the library computer labs.

In-Coming Centenary Student: Must show written confirmation from Admissions Office. Allowed to use computers but no checkout privileges. Needs to sign in at the Circulation Desk.

LALINC Card Holder: Graduate students and faculty from other Louisiana educational institutions that present a current LALINC card and picture ID, have limited checkout privileges (per written agreement). No computer usage.

Methodist Ministers: I.D. provided by college. Sign-in at Circulation Desk, no check-out privileges, use of computers for email only when computers are available and assigned. When visiting during Annual Conference, full computer privileges are extended.

Prospective Students: Use of materials in the open stacks, the coin-operated copier and drinks/snack machines are available. Sign-in at the Circulation Desk upon entering the library. A one-time use of the library computers, limited to one hour when computers are available and assigned.

Retired Emeritus Faculty: Full faculty privileges: checkout, computers, email, interlibrary loan, etc.

Retired Centenary Staff: computer and email privileges; no checkout

Short-Term Special Classes or Seminars at Centenary: in non-semester special classes offered by Centenary staff or faculty have limited check-out privileges. These are restricted to class-assigned strict reserve items placed at the Circulation Desk by the instructor. A Centenary-issued identification card must be presented to gain access to strict reserve materials. There are no computer privileges. All print resources in the open stacks are available for use in the library. A coin-operated photocopier is available on the first floor; no change is provided by library staff .

Studentís Family: welcome to visit and tour, read and photocopy materials, use snack machines; no checkout privileges, no computer privileges.

Theological Studies Center Students: Check-out privileges and computer use is extended for the length of the class only. Students must present a valid identification card issued by the college which indicates their enrollment in each class. Circulating materials will be due the day before the end of the class.

Tutee and Tuteeís Family: students and their families who are part of the tutoring or Adult Literacy program are welcome to have their lessons in the library. They need to sign in at the Circulation Desk. No checkout or computer privileges are allowed. No use of special rooms, computers, or computer classroom for tutee or family. Actual tutoring needs to take place on the Second Floor of the library only.

Under College Age: High School students may use the paper resources available in the library. They may not use the computers for research or expect any assistance from the Circulation Desk. Younger than high school students must be accompanied by an adult. All must sign in at the Circulation Desk, stating the reason for their need to do research at Magale.

Wiley College Students: upon presentation of a valid Wiley College ID card, will sign in as a limited user of the Magale Libary. There are no privileges extended to use of computers, book checkout, special collections, or interlibrary loans. All print resources in the open stacks are available for use in the library. A coin-operated photocopier is available on the first floor; no change is provided by library staff. A Wiley professor may put his or her own materials on reserve at the Circulation Desk and Wiley College students will have access to said materials only on a strict reserve basis.

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