Library Reserves

Placing Materials On Reserve

  • Only faculty members or their designated student assistants may place items on reserve. You may use our online Library Reserve Request form.

  • Faculty are welcome to place any class materials or tests on reserve at the Circulation Desk.

  • Items can be placed in one of the following reserve categories:

    1. Strict Reserve. For use in the library. Two hour check-out with renewals as necessary.

    2. One day (24-hour reserve). Materials are checked out for return on the following day.

    3. Three day Reserve/1 Week Reserve. For both these categories the materials leave the library for the designated time period.

  • A form is available at the Circulation Desk to place materials on reserve. This form gives faculty the opportunity to designate the type of material being placed on reserve, the loan rule for the materials being placed on reserve, the name of the professor and the course title the material for which the material is intended, the date the material should be placed on reserve, and the date the material is no longer needed for reserve.

  • Personal items, such as videos or books, software or dvds, may be included in the reserve section of the Circulation Desk. The library will make every attempt to secure items placed on reserve for class use. Please keep in mind, as with any item in the library, we cannot guarantee that personal item(s) placed on strict reserve will be returned. As Circulation procedure demands, we will do everything to recover overdue items for one additional semester, but the library cannot replace lost personal materials.

  • When placing photocopied materials on reserve, we ask that faculty bring no more than three copies of each item needed. This is to insure that enough copies can circulate for the entire class without violating the "fair use" doctrine found in Section 107 of the 1976 copyright law. Such copies are considered an extension of the classroom, placed on reserve by request of the instructor, and students are not charged for the reserve service. This exemption to the copyright laws does not cover the photocopying of entire books.

  • Magale Library books to be placed on reserve need to be retrieved by the faculty member or his or her student assistant and handed to a library staff member with a "Reserve Items" sheet filled out for each book.

  • Materials are usually kept on reserve for one semester. Any personal items or photocopies will be returned to you by the end of the semester. Photocopies can remain at the Circulation Desk if it is so designated on the Reserve sheet.

Use of Reserve Materials

  • All strict reserves must be used in the library. These items may be scanned or photocopied but the original must be returned to the Circulation Desk within the two-hour reserve period. The fines for keeping reserve materials beyond the due date are higher than for material in regular check-out. If an item is needed by an entire class, and the borrower does not return the item on time, the professor of the class will be notified of the problem.

  • All reserve materials are expected to be returned in the original condition. Particular care should be taken with items designated as “personal copies”.

  • Only Centenary students and faculty may have access to reserve materials.

  • Any reserve item must be properly checked out, even for copying purposes.