Screening Room

Located on the second floor of the library, the screening room has a video projector, screen and DVD/VHS capabilities. The room is intended for class use under the supervision of an instructor. Like the classroom labs, the screening room may be scheduled for the whole semester, for special events or for finals. It is not available for independent student use (See exception below). Students who wish to view a video should be directed to the study rooms that have TV / VCR equipment. The screening room is never scheduled when the library is closed.

The screening room must be reserved in advance by a faculty member. Reservations can be made by submitting a reservation form which can be found at the Circulation desk or electronically at Lab Reservations. You may also submit a request by calling extension 5047 or 5058 and leaving a message specifying the date and time you would like to reserve the screening room. NOTE: Regardless of how you submit a reservation request, do not assume that your request has been granted until you receive a confirmation email from a Magale Library staff member.

When a faculty member schedules a class for the screening room, he or she must be present at the beginning and end of the class to ensure that equipment is correctly handled and properly turned off. If a faculty member cannot be present to do these jobs, he or she must make arrangements with a library staff member on duty 24 hours in advance.

Food and drink are allowed in the screening room, but the staff would appreciate it if the room is cleaned up before leaving.

The screening room key is available at the Circulation Desk and must be checked out to a faculty member.

An equipment procedures sheet is available at the Circulation Desk for any first-time users.

Exception: At the beginning of the academic year, a student from the Centenary Film Society may be trained in the use of the equipment and must be present for any showing by the Film Society.