Drink & Snack

There is a soda machine in the library. We do not have any change available for these machines. If you lose money in any of these machines, you must contact Community Services for a refund.

Food and/or drinks can be brought into the library, with the exception of alcohol products.

There is a microwave oven in the back hallway of the main floor of the library that is for student, staff & faculty use. We ask that you never leave the microwave unattended. If there are spills that occur, we ask you to clean up so that the next user does not have to deal with them.

Clean up any wrappers, bottles or cans you use. In the study rooms or the Law Room it is particularly important not to leave dirty wrappers or half-eaten food or it will gather book lice, roaches, etc…and they eat book pages.

Please take care with food or drink near the computers, printers, and copiers to avoid accidents that could cause damage to these items.

Along with alcohol, no tobacco products are permitted in the library.