Special Facilities

Law Room

The Law Room, Room 11 in the Library Basement has a separate set of rules governing access and use of the materials and equipment in the room. These rules are posted on the door. Any materials in the Law Room are not circulating. If a non-Centenary patron wants any materials, he or she must request said materials at the Circulation Desk and must use those materials within sight of the Circulation Desk.

The rules for the room are as follows:

  • The Law Room provides a place for students to do legal research or research in the areas of Political Science, History or Sociology. If you are currently enrolled in one of these departments, you may have access to this room.
  • There should be a maximum of 15 students using this room at any one time. Please sign in the Law Log Book anytime that you use the room.
  • The Centenary College Honor Code is in full effect in this room for all the hours it is occupied.
  • Hours for The Law Room follow those of the Magale Library; please check the Hours section on the library web page.
  • Books cataloged for the Law Room are not to leave the Law Room, unless requested by a patron at the Circulation Desk of the library.
  • Regular library books should not be taken to the Law Room unless properly checked out. Reference Books and Stacks Periodicals should never be taken and left in the Law Room.
  • Food and drink are permitted in the Law Room. However, there is no custodial service offered and all trash must be thrown away in the proper receptacles.
  • Do not install any software on the computers in the Law Room unless authorized by Dr. Parker.

For more information, see the Retrieving Materials from the Law Room Policy.

Study Carrels

  • There are carrels on both the first and second floor of the library. These are for the use of Centenary students, faculty and staff. The carrels on second floor have desk lamps attached. Please remember to turn off the lamps when you are no longer using the carrel.
  • Any books or materials left on carrels need to have a note attached indicating that the items are not to be re-shelved. This note must be dated. Three days from the dated note, materials will be removed. If they are checked out, they will be checked in and placed on a cart for re-shelving.
  • No carrel or study room may be reserved. No assignments are made to specific carrels or rooms.
  • Study carrels and rooms are wheelchair accessible. An elevator inside Technical Services room makes all floors of the library wheelchair accessible.

Study Rooms

  • Study rooms are for Centenary patrons only.
  • Study rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and cannot be reserved in advance.
  • By arrangement with Circulation Staff, some senior seminar materials can be stored for an agreed-upon period of time.