Books, Journals, Fiche and Film

The The Magale Library collection of materials takes many forms. Listings for all library materials can be found online at

Books do come to mind when one thinks of libraries and we do have them divided up into different stacks areas. The books published from 1995 to date are available in the New Books Stacks located on the first floor. Reference books are located on the first floor of the library but cannot circulate outside the library. Books published before 1995 are located on the second floor. If a book is too many centimeters tall for our shelves, it will be placed in the Oversize Stacks located in the middle of the second floor of the library. All these stacks areas are opened to browsing. Some books are part of the Cline Room Archives Collection or the Rare Book Collection. They are housed in areas not opened to library patrons. Requests for any books in these two collections can be made at the Circulation Desk. The book or books will be brought to the patron and must be used within sight of the Circulation Desk personnel.

Journals can be found in two places. If the library currently subscribes to a periodical, it can be found on the Browsing Shelf on the first floor of the library. The Browsing shelf contains the current year’s issues and is arranged alphabetically by the title of the journal. The older volumes of these periodicals, in addition to others in our collection can be found on the second floor of the library. Centenary patrons are welcomed to scan and print articles from any journal in the scanning zone on the first floor of the library. There is also a photocopier available on first floor on a per page fee. No journals can be checked out of the building. Special requests by faculty for journal usage outside the library will be honored. A notebook containing all the journal holdings for the Library is available at the Circulation Desk. This information is also available on the library web page, Online Research (, under the category, “in-house journals”.
(Just a short cyber-note: there are 24,000 journals available in full text in our databases. Check the “full-text journal titles” button on the Online Research Page above)

Newspapers. We subscribe to several newspapers, the local Shreveport paper, the Wall Street Journal, etc. There is a special newspaper rack set up in the Browsing Area for perusal of this week’s papers. The current month and the former month collections are kept in the back hallway on the first floor. Earlier issues of the newspapers are available on microfilm.

Microfilm/fiche. The library has a large collection of microfilm for local papers and the New York Times as well as other publications. The fiche collection contains many E.R.I.C. documents and some early years of periodicals. The film/fiche cabinets are located on the second floor of the library and the reader/printers are located in a study room on the second floor.

Movie videos. There are close to 600 videotapes in the Library’s movie collection, ranging from movie classics to perfect horror films. These are available to Centenary students, staff and faculty for two-day check out, one movie at a time. Our smaller DVD collection does contain the entire BBC production of Shakespeare’s plays and can be checked out for seven days. Both the video and dvd collections are located on the first floor of the library near the Circulation Desk.