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Subject Guide: Psychology

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Books in Print: LC Call Numbers in Stacks

Range | Subject
BF1 - BF175 | Psychoanalysis
BF180 - BF685 | Experimental, Applied, Comparative
BF698 | Personality
BF712 - BF724 | Developmental, Child Psychology
BF1001 - BF1389 | Parapsychology
BF1404 - BF1999 | Occult
GN502 - GN517 | Psychological Anthropology
HM1001 - HM1281 | Social Psychology
HQ12 - HQ263 | Sexual Behavior/Deviancy
LB51 - LB91 | Educational Psychology
RA785 - RA790 | Mental Health: Public Health
RC435 - RC571 | Psychiatry
Z695 - Z7200 | Testing, Mental Assessments

Periodicals: Dewey Decimal Call Numbers

Location | Title
305 Am35b | American Behavioral Scientist: 1989-2001
150.5 Am35j | American Journal of Psychology: 1970-2005
150.5 Am35p | American Psychologist: 1946-2010
150.5 B82n | Behavioral Neuroscience: 1983-2001
155.405 C436d | Child Development: 1960-1999
150.5 |Current Directions in Psychological Science": 2004 to date
150.5 D492 | Developmental Psychology: 1969-2002
150.5 Ed83m | Educational & Psychological Measurement: 1980-1992
150.5 J82 | Journal of Abnormal Psychology: 1965-2002
150.5 J82ap | Journal of Applied Psychology: 1960-2002
616.805 J826 | Journal of Clinical Psychology: 1980-2001
156.05 J82 | Journal of Comparative Psychology: 1983-2001
150.5 J82co | Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology: 1968-2003
370.5 J82c | Journal of Counseling & Development: 1984-1999
150.5 J82cou | Journal of Counseling Psychology: 1954-2003
155.4 J826e | Journal of Experimental Child Psychology: 1964-2002
150.5 J82e | Journal of Experimental Psychology: 1980-2002;
371.9025 J826 | Journal of Learning Disabilities: 1968-2003
155.413 J826m | Journal of Memory & Language: 1985-2002
150.5 J82p | Journal of Personality & Social Psychology: 1965-2002
370.1505 J826 | Journal of School Psychology: 1991-2010
796.05 J826s | Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology: 1988-2002
150.5 M519 | Memory & Cognition: 1990-2010
150.5 | Perspectives on Psychological Science: 2009 to date
150.5 P95a | Psychological Abstracts: 1996-2001
150.5 P95b | Psychological Bulletin: 1939-2002
150.82 P959r | Psychological Review: 1960-2002
150.5 P959s | Psychological Science: 1990-2001

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, etc.

Encyclopedia Britannica Online •

Encyclopedia of Psychology •

Subscription Databases

Complete list of subscription databases

Academic Search Complete

Annual Review: Clinical Psychology

Annual Review: Psychology



Mental Measurements Yearbook



Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection

SocINDEX with Full Text


Complete list of subscription e-journals

Other suggested e-journals and e-journal collections:

Electronic Full Text Journals (Search "Psychology") •

Archives of Scientific Psychology

Canadian Journal of Psychiatry (1996 – 2003) •

Cepaos Review (English/Spanish): Interdisciplinary Journal on Human Development…

Directory of Open Access Journals

Journal of Applied Psychology

Perspectives on Psychological Science (2006 - ) •

Psicologica: Internat’l Journal of Methodology & Experimental Psychology

Psychological Science (1990 - ) •

Psychological Science in the Public Interest (2000 - ) •



Complete list of subscription e-books

Other suggested e-books and e-book collections:

Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB)

Classics in the History of Psychology: Authors List From Allport to Young

Explaining the Mind: Cognitive Psychology Papers Online

Hathi Trust Digital Library

Humanities, Social Sciences and Law E-Book Collection

Internet Archive

Long-Term Working Memory

National Academy Press

Online Books Page

Psychology of Cyberspace

University of California Press

Whole Brain Atlas

Professional Associations

American Psychological Association

American Psychological Society

Federation of Behavioral, Psychological, & Cognitive Sciences (Links)

International Society for Comparative Psychology

International Society of Political Psychology

Jean Piaget Society

Psi Chi: National Honor Society in Psychology

Social Psychology Network

Southeastern Psychological Association

Other Suggested Online Psychology Resources

AmoebaWeb: Psychology on the Web


Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies

Center for Psychology Resources: Developmental

Cognitive Psychology Preprints

Current Topics in Psychology

Exploratorium: Museum of Science, Art, and Human Perception

History of Classics in the History of Psychology

Medical Psychology

Mental Health Net

MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Sciences Mental Health Internet Links to Disorders, Phobias, Conditions

National Institute on Drug Abuse: Teens & Drug Abuse

National Institute of Mental Health


Psych Central

Psych Central's Psychology Web Pointer

Psych Crawler

Psych Scholar

Psych Stat

Psych Web

Psych wURLd: MegaPsych Bookmarks



Psychology Career Center

Psychology Virtual Library

Psychology Web Links by Topic

Random Researcher

Sleep Page

Social Psychology Network

Statistical Appelets


Young Adult Mental Health Resources