Welcome from the President

Sam Bonham, President

For more than 120 years, fraternities have been an integral part of student life here at Centenary College. Thousands of men have had their academic successes and extracurricular activities enhanced through leadership, scholarship, service, and brotherhood learned through the fraternity experience. These men have moved on, but they will forever carry with them the knowledge, skills, and life-long brothers they gained from their undergraduate years.

Today, there are four chapters that are governed by the Interfraternity Council. IFC consists of four officers, four representatives, and the IFC Faculty Advisor. The purpose of IFC is to promote cooperation among the fraternities in order that the best interests of its college and the individual chapters may be served.IFC is also here to listen to all of the concerns of its four fraternities and to be a voice for the Greeks on campus.

IFC Members

  • Sam Bonham, President

  • Harry Chang, Vice President

  • Joshua Atkins, Secretary/Treasurer

  • Greg Ewing, Treasurer

  • Cameron Beuche, Kappa Alpha Order representative

  • Collin Barclay, Kappa Sigma representative

  • Dillon Fontenot, Tau Kappa Epsilon representative

  • Ryan O'Donnell, Theta Chi representative

  • Mark Miller, Advisor

Contact Us

If you have any questions contact Sam Bonham email.