Greek Life: Define Yourself

During your college experience you have a unique opportunity to join the social network of a fraternity or sorority. Here at Centenary, over 30 percent of our students find a second home in one of our seven Greek organizations.

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The experience of being a member of a Greek organization extends far beyond the social events. Greeks hold a presence and legacy on our campus for many years. Our Greek community has dedicated themselves to leadership, academic excellence, brotherhood and sisterhood, community service and extracurricular involvement.

We invite you to explore our options on campus to determine if there is an organization that is the right fit for you. Put aside any preconceived notions you have about what it means to be Greek and take time to meet people on campus that share goals, values, passions, and commitment to certain ideals. We encourage you to get out there and discover Greek life for yourself.


Formal recruitment at Centenary College takes place during the first full week of classes during the fall semester. There are very different recruitment experiences for men and women, and more information will be sent out to incoming new students during the summer months. There will also be opportunities to interact with Greek students and advisors during both the SOAR and Orientation programs.

Apply now for WOMEN'S Greek recruitment!

Apply now for MEN'S Greek recruitment!

Greek Student of the Month

The Greek Student of the Month Award is given by Order of Omega to one man and one woman who are outstanding members of the Greek community. The award gets handed out once a month and voting takes place during the last week of every month. The winners will be posted on OrgSync and social media, as well as presented with a certificate of accomplishment.