Greek Life

Ladies and Gentlemen

As an alumnus member of a Greek organization, I truly appreciate the value and importance that the greek system adds to the educational experience of our students. Fraternities and Soroities have long been a part of campus life at
Centenary. The Centenary Greek System supports the personal and civic development of each of its members.

David Rowe

Greek students engage the College experience fully, embracing academic excellence, leadership roles, community service, athletics and social activities. But leadership, scholarship, philanthropy and brother/sisterhood form a constellation of ideals that orient students toward intellectual achievement, social responsibility, personal growth and a respect for human diversity. Should you choose to join a fraternity or sorority, I expect that you will not only benefit from these communities, but you will be called upon to advance these ideals for the greater good of the uncommon Centenary experience.


David Rowe