Residence Hall Association

President: AJ Hill
Advisor: Montgomery Mewers and Bethany Stafford

What We're About
The purpose of the Residence Hall Association of Centenary College of Louisiana is to represent resident students and to meet their needs. We strive to accomplish this through advocacy, educational and social programming, and by facilitating open communication and mediation among residents, hall councils, and the administration.

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Student Government Association

President: Kendall Hughes
Vice President of Programming: Madeline Fechter
Vice President of Procedure: Alex Larsen
Vice President of Finance: Greg Ewing
Secretary: Cameron Hughes
Advisors: Mark Miller and Chris Ciocchetti

Senior Senators: Andrea Violet, Lauren Swift, Michael Reeks, Nicolette Rogers, Rachel Grinnell
Junior Senators: Austin Butler, Crystal Hong, Demri Robinson, John Michael Alost, Wells Audrey Russell
Sophomore Senators: Cadie Hancock, Kayla Thornhill, Miles Robinson, Zach Stielper, Laura Croteau
Freshman Senators: Jamie Wright, Richard Norem, Lauren Benoit, Raquel Candal, Ryan Flanagan

What We're About
SGA is a body of student representatives that seeks to serve by supporting student endeavors, functioning as the student's liason to the faculty and staff, and initiating change in our campus and community in order to enhance the Centenary experience.

Meetings are on Tuesday nights from 8-10pm in the Whited Room of Bynum Commons. All are welcome.

Contact: email

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