A History of the Maroon Jackets

The Maroon Jackets, organized by Dean Mabel Campbell as a pep squad, was comprised of twelve girls of junior and senior classification with specified representation from each of three sororities and independents. Their duties consisted of serving as hosts at all events, in which Centenary participated.

The original uniform was a maroon jacket with the name of the organization written across the back in white lettering and a large “C” on the left side of the front, white skirt and blouse, and a maroon beret.

The first official appearance of the Maroon Jackets was at the Centenary-Texas A&M football game at the Louisiana State Fairgrounds where they welcomed 2,000 A&M cadets and supervised all social activities scheduled for that day.

The organization, which celebrated its golden anniversary in 1981, has undergone several changes since its beginning on the Centenary campus in 1931. During the early years the Maroon Jackets performed at football games and parades and served as hostesses for college and city functions. In the early 1950’s an honorary monetary award was established by Shreveport businessman and civic leader and Maroon Jacket benefactor, Ray Williams, to recognize an outstanding senior woman who exemplified the qualities expected of a Maroon Jacket who had not previously been selected as a member of the organization. Since 1979, men have been included in the membership.

The Jackets continue to serve as the official hosts of the College, conduct campus tours, assist at orientation and various campus functions — and, of course, collect CP cards at convocations and other designated events. In recent years, it has become a tradition for Maroon Jackets to decorate the main entrance to the campus in preparation for the Centenary Christmas Celebration, to sponsor a campus angel tree for the Salvation Army and fill Christmas stockings for the Salvation Army, and to co-host the annual Martin Luther King Day Convocation. In the fall of 1996 the organization joined a nation-wide effort by sponsoring “Make a Difference Day” to encourage the Centenary community to take pride in their college and country.

Today any full-time student entering his or her final year of study at Centenary with a 3.0 cumulative GPA is eligible for consideration for membership in this organization. Membership is open to a minimum of five and a maximum of twenty-five students. Selection is made by the present members of the Maroon Jackets based on the criteria of scholarship, leadership, campus involvement and service to the school. The names of the new Maroon Jackets are announced at Honors Convocation each spring.

The Maroon Jackets organization not only honors students for achievements but also provides an opportunity for continued recognition through service to the school during their final year at Centenary.

Honorary Maroon Jackets

  • Mr. Dick Anders
  • Mr. Zeke Aull
  • Dr. David Bieler
  • Ms. Lori Bradshaw
  • Dr. Susan Brayford (2007)
  • Mr. Robert Buseick
  • Mrs. Francine Campbell (2007)
  • Dr. Virginia Carlton
  • Dr. Scott Chirhart (2006)
  • Dr. Harold Christensen
  • Dr. Barbara Davis
  • Ms. Shannon Delaney
  • Rev. Betsy Eaves
  • Mr. Scott Greenwood
  • Ms. Dorothy Gwinn
  • Dr. Jeanne Hamming
  • Mr. Bryan Hayse
  • Mr. David Henington (2006)
  • Ms. Maggie Hernandez (2004)
  • Dr. David Hoaas (2009)
  • Mr. Walter Hohmann
  • Ms. Joy Jeffers
  • Mr. Brian Kovacs
  • Dr. Joshua Lawrence (2008)
  • Dr. Ed Leuck (2004)
  • Ms. Judy Martin
  • Dr. Brad McPherson
  • Dr. Lee Morgan
  • Ms. Rosemary Morris
  • Ms. Fannie Nichols
  • Dr. Woodrow Pate
  • Dr. Webb Pomeroy
  • Dr. Barrie Richardson
  • Ms. Mary Sue Rix
  • Dr. Kenneth Schwab (2007)
  • Mr. Bert Scott
  • Dr. Rosemary Seidler
  • Dr. Betty Speairs
  • Ms. Czarena Stewart
  • Mr. Dennis Taylor (2008)
  • Dr. Robert Ed Taylor
  • Mr. Benny Vaughn (2010)
  • Dr. Mary Warters
  • Mr. Maurie Wayne
  • Mr. David Womack (2009)
  • Dr. Yvonne Yaz
  • Leslie Cothren (2010)
  • Benny Vaughan (2011)
  • Dr.Cynthia Brame (2011)
  • Laura Vaughan (2012)
  • LaToya Hemphill (2013)
  • Dr. Kelly Weeks (2014)
  • Mark Miller (2015)

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