Schools For Schools

President: Krista McKinney- Invisible Children/Campus Liaison
Creative Team Leader: Paula Lappin
Primary Researcher: Jordan Ring
Official Photographer: Nathan Yacovissi
Publicity Manager: Brooke Bahlinger
Publicity Manager: Ellen Orr
Advisor: Dr.Gloria Walker

We meet randomly, email me at to stay updated on times!

Centenary Schools for Schools exists to raise money to rebuild schools in Uganda, build early-warning radio networks in D.R. Congo, and fund the construction of child soldier rehabilitation centers in LRA-affected areas. We host a variety of activities to raise awareness about Africa’s longest running war and abducted child soldiers. We are a chapter of Invisible Children's international Schools for Schools program, and regularly host Invisible Children screenings.

Website: Schools for Schools Facebook Page (which is updated almost daily) and the Invisible Children site

Contact: email