The Philosophy Discussion Group began shortly after Al Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center in New York on 9/11/2001. Naturally, people were confused. To some, the attacks seemed like horrible crimes. To others, it was call to war. The way we understood these attacks mattered a lot. Would there be investigations, trials, convictions, and punishment for those found guilty? Would there be invasions, civilian causalities, and a focus on defeating the enemy? At Jennifer West' request, we got together for the first time to discuss what this would all mean.

After our first meeting, the Patriot Act was formulated. Students wanted to talk again. What did this mean? Though we never really intended it, we started meeting regularly. For the first year, most of our discussions focused on the war on terror, though we touched on a few other issues. As time went on, our attention focused elsewhere and we've discussed practical ethical issues, such as abortion and gay marriage, as well as the metaphysical, the existence of God and the meaning of life.

From the beginning, the discussions have been open to all interested students (current and former), faculty and staff at Centenary. While there is always a group of regulars, many people drop in for one or two meetings as they can. Join us whenever you'd like!