Bunkbeds and Lofts

What's the difference between a bunk and a loft?

Bunking beds is putting one bed on top of the other bed. Lofting a bed is putting it on stilts (so to speak) creating a “top bunk” with empty space below.

Do I need to bunk or loft my bed?

No, there is space in each room for both students' beds, desks, chairs, and dressers which the college provides, as well as the personal belongings that all students bring. That said, students tend to bring more to college than they need and much, much more than in decades past, so some students find it helpful to bunk or loft their beds to create more floor space.

How tall are the beds, whether bunked, lofted, or just sitting on the floor?

Our beds are adjustable, so you can put them very low to the floor or raise them up to fit the provided dresser under the bed, which also creates room for additional storage and creates more floor space in the room. Similarly, when bunked or lofted, each bed can be lower or higher within each type of set up.

How much does each cost?

Rental of a bunk bed kit is $15 per academic year. Rental of a lofting kit is $25 per academic year.

How do I sign up?

Students will be able to sign up for bunking and lofting kits when moving in.

What else do I need to know?

Supplies are limited, but we anticipate having enough for all students who want a bunk or loft kit. Only 1 loft kit is permitted per room, until the students of all rooms have the opportunity to request a loft kit. Students in double rooms (with roommates) have priority over those in single rooms (without roommates), but again, we anticipate having enough for every student who wants a bunked or lofted bed.