Features and Amenities

What is provided in each room?

  • Each room on campus is provided with:
    • 2 Beds
    • 2 Desks
    • 2 Chairs
    • 2 Dressers
    • 2 Internet Jacks (network card and cable required) (wireless also provided)
    • 2 Phone Jacks
    • 1 Cable Jack
  • Cline has 2 smaller closets per room
  • James and Hardin-Sexton have one larger step-in shared closet per room
  • most Rotary apartments have 2 larger closets per room
  • Services Provided:
    • Internet (wired and wireless)
    • Basic Cable
    • Phone Service (local calls are free and long distance is available by contacting the Business Office at 318-869-5125)

What is provided in each residential area for use by community members?

Cline Hardin-Sexton James Rotary Apts.
Main Lounge yes yes yes yes
Study Room maybe yes yes -
TV yes yes yes yes
VCR/DVD yes yes yes yes
Laundry Facilities yes yes yes yes
Snack/Drink Machines yes yes yes yes
Computer Station yes yes yes yes
Open Air Courtyard yes - yes -
Ice Machine yes yes yes yes
Kitchen yes yes yes yes (also in each apt.)
Front Porch Swing - yes - -
Elevator - - - yes
World House experience yes yes yes -

Are the rooms carpeted?

  • In Cline, James, and Hardin-Sexton, the rooms are tiled and the hallways are carpeted. In the Rotary Apartments, only bedrooms and hallways are carpeted.

Can I bunk my beds or get a loft kit?

  • Yes, we rent bunk and loft kits. (A "loft" is an upper bunk without a lower bunk, allowing you to put your desk and chest of drawers under your bed. Supplies are limited, so we prioritize based on greater need (eg: the rooms in Cline are smaller than the other buildings, roommates over someone in a single room). Our beds are adjustable and the highest setting allows for the dresser to slide underneath.

What are the dimensions of the residence hall rooms?

  • The average dimensions of each room are listed on the individual residential building pages. They may be accessed from left navigation bar.

What kind of decorating and rearranging can I do in my room?

  • Generally speaking, you are welcome to decorate as you wish. Students tend to personalize their rooms by adding pictures from home and posters to the wall.
  • You may move the furniture in your room, as long as you do not damage it and you maintain a clear and direct path to the door.
  • You may adjust the bed higher and lower. The highest setting allows for the provided dresser to slide underneath.
  • College furniture may not be altered in any way for which it was not designed.
  • Decals and stickers should not be applied to College property. Decorations visible from public areas must be appropriate.
  • Students may decorate their room or suite doors, but are responsible for any damages to those surfaces.
  • Walls may not be painted or permanently decorated.
  • Carpet may be added, but must be removed from the building prior to check out, leaving the floor in the same condition it was in at move-in.