Residence Hall Features and Furnishings

What is provided in each room?

  • Each room on campus is provided with:
    • 2 Desks
    • 2 Beds
    • 2 Chairs
    • 2 Dressers
    • 2 Internet Jacks (network card and cable required)
    • 2 Phone Jacks
    • Cable Jack
  • Cline and Rotary have 2 closets in each room.
  • James, Hardin, and Sexton have one shared closet per room.
  • Services Provided:
    • Internet
    • Basic Cable
    • Local Phone Services
      • Long distance is available by contacting the Business Office at (318) 869-5125.

What is provided in each hall for public use?

Cline Hardin James Rotary Sexton
Laundry Facilities X X X X X
Snack/Drink Machines X X X X X
Computer Lab X X X X X
Open Air Courtyard X - X - -
Ice Machine X - X - -
Kitchen X X X X X
Front Porch Swing - X - - X
Elevator - - - X -

Are the rooms carpeted?

  • No, nearly all the rooms in the Residence Halls are tiled. Rotary living rooms and bedrooms are carpeted, as are nearly all hallways and public areas IN EVERY HALL.

Can I bunk my beds or get a loft kit?

  • Yes, supplies are limited but we have everything you need to bunk or loft your bed. Supplies are limited and we do require a deposit for the equipment.

What are the dimensions of the residence hall rooms?

  • The average dimensions of each room are listed on the individual residence hall pages. They may be accessed from left navigation bar at the top of the page.

What kind of decorating can I do in my room?

  • No furniture, including mattresses or extra furniture due to the singling of a double room, may be removed from the room without permission of the Office of Residence Life.
  • College furniture may not be physically altered in any way.
  • Decals and stickers should not be applied to College property. Decorations visible from public areas must be in good taste.
  • Residents may decorate their room or suite doors, but are responsible for any damages to those surfaces.
  • Walls may not be painted or permanently decorated without express written consent from the Department of Residence Life and Housing.
  • Carpet may be added, but must be removed from the building prior to check out, leaving the floor in the same condition it was in during move-in.
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