Moving In and Break Closures

Where do I go on check-in day?

On check-in day you will go to your assigned residential building to check-in unless otherwise notified. There you will be given your key and your Room Condition Report (RCR). This form is important because it is where the condition of your room is recorded and it is used at the end of the year to bill for any damages, should they occur.

Can I move in earlier than the advertised check in date?

No, we cannot allow students to move in before the official opening because our staff is in training up until the time the dorms open. We work to notify students of the time and date months in advance so that everyone can plan accordingly. Certain students (varsity athletes, choir members, orientation staff, residence life staff, etc.) who are required to return to campus early may contact their faculty/staff sponsor for details on special housing arrangements.

When are the dorms open and closed?

During the academic year, residential buildings are "closed"(*) during the major breaks (those of at least one week in duration). During shorter breaks, the dorms remain open, though some campus services (eg: Dining, Fitness, Library) may have reduced hours or be closed.
* Although the dorms are "closed" during these times, students may make arrangements to stay.

Can I stay in my room during a break?

For shorter breaks (those less than one week), you may stay and no fee will be charged. For breaks of one week or longer, the dorms close, but you may stay for a fee (which helps offset the cost of keeping the dorms open and staffed). Students who are required by Centenary to stay (eg: athletics, choir, theater), are not charged for those days which they are required to be present, though are charged for any additional days they wish to stay.

Can I stay on campus during the summer?

Summer housing is available to all students (space permitting), whether or not they are enrolled in summer classes. Summer housing will most likely be in the Rotary Apartments, as Dining Services is closed during the summer, so living in the apartments during those months allows students to cook much more easily.