Can I request a specific roommate?

  • Yes, we encourage that you pick your own roommate. All you have to do is put the name of this person on your housing application. We attempt to honor all roommate requests that are mutual.

I received my housing and roommate assignment. Can I change it before I get there?

  • Once your roommate has been officially assigned (usually in July) it is too late to make or change a roommate request.

What if I want to change rooms once I arrive on campus?

  • A housing "freeze" occurs at the beginning of each semester. No room or roommate changes may occur until two weeks after the beginning of classes.
  • All changes require the approval of the Director of Residence Life, or designee, and must first involve the student's Resident Assistant. A $25.00 room change fee will be assessed to each student making a room change.
  • For more information, see this section in the Student Handbook.

What is a roommate contract and why do I need to do one?

  • Many students who attend Centenary have never had to share a room with someone before and some who have shared a room have only done so with a sibling. The Residence Life Staff understands this transition can be stressful for some people so we have every incoming student fill out a roommate contract, which provides roommates the opportunity to discuss study and sleep habits, guests in the room, how each person handles conflict, and other items related to living together. The purpose of this is to open communication lines between roommate pairs in the beginning, so that if a problem does arise they will be more equipped to work through it.

If my roommate doesn't show up, do I get a single room?

  • No, students without roommates enter the Room Consolidation process, during which they will likely find a new roommate or be assigned one. Obviously, one half of the students who are consolidated will change rooms.