Campus Services

In addition to my room, where else is a good place to study?

There are a variety of places on campus that are great for studying. Some of the places include the Main Lounge of your building, the study room of your building (where applicable), the Library, the Student Union Building, or in one of the academic buildings. Many buildings are open until late into the evening, allowing students to study and use science and computer labs. You'll also find many students outside on benches or in the grass studying.

Is there a Post Office on campus?

Yes. It is located on the Lower Level of the SUB (Student Union Building). Each student is issued a mailbox and is required to check it regularly. Students not assigned a box number by the beginning of Orientation should check with the Post Office staff as early as possible for an assignment. For more information, call 869-5263 or see the appropriate section of the Student Handbook.

Where does my mail need to be sent?

your name
Campus Box # _._._
2911 Centenary Boulevard
Shreveport, LA 71104

If you need to receive a package, have it sent to your usual campus box and the post office will notify via a note in your box when it arrives.

Where do I go if I get sick?

The Health Services office is located at the South end of Rotary (the door facing Kings Highway). Health Services offered are "first care," consultation, wellness programs, and provider referrals that meet the needs of the majority of students. If students are in need of emergency care during non-operational hours, they should notify a police officer of DPS (Department of Public Safety) at 318-869-5000. The officer will contact appropriate medical personnel. For more information, please see this section in the Student Handbook.

Are there counseling services available on campus?

Yes. The mission of the Counseling Center is to provide students with brief, solution focused counseling that enables them to cope with personal problems that may impede their success as college students. Referrals to community resources can also be made. Counseling is provided free of charge to all currently enrolled Centenary students. Confidentiality is strictly maintained. The Center is located at the South end of Rotary (the door facing Kings Highway), and the phone number is 869-5466.

What kind of safety and security measures are provided on campus?

  • All exterior residence hall doors are locked 24 hours a day and are accessible only to the students who live in a given area and appropriate staff.
  • Residence Life staff and police officers of DPS (Department of Public Safety) patrol the residence halls every night.
  • The Department of Public Safety (DPS) employs Police Officers who are commissioned by the State of Louisiana. These officers have the same law enforcement powers, authority and responsibilities as a state/city police officer or sheriff's deputy including the power of arrest. The Department of Public Safety has an officer on duty 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
    • DPS officers engage in around the clock patrols of the campus including the residential buildings, Greek houses, contiguous streets and parking lots.
    • DPS officers respond to crimes in progress, emergencies, and to investigate incidents of suspicious behavior.
    • DPS officers and members of a student patrol program provide members of the college community with an escort across campus 24 hours a day.
    • DPS offers services and programs designed to deter theft (and assist in the recovery of personal property), defense classes, and assistance in understanding the basics of car preventive maintenance before travel.
  • There are emergency phones located at the main entrance to each residential building, by Hurley School of Music, the SUB, the Arboretum, Smith Building near Parking Lot 6, in Parking Lot 11, and by the Gold Dome.

For a complete list of services provided by Centenary College of Louisiana please visit the Campus Services section of the Student Handbook.