Housing Sign-up Process & Assignments

What is the priority deadline for housing? When will I receive my room assignment?

Assignments go out in mid-June to incoming students. Anyone who turns in information after this date will be placed where there is available space.

What housing options are available?

  • Coeducational - Cline, James, Rotary, and Sexton. All co-ed housing is in lockable single-sex suite. Single-sex male housing is not available due to lack of demand. However, we try to assign students into all-male clusters upon request.
  • Single-sex Female - Hardin
  • Lower-cost - Cline. Residents in Cline share one large bathroom (with two showers, two toilets, and two sinks) with the other seven residents in their suite instead of sharing a small bathroom within a four-person suite. Other amenities are comparable.
  • Apartment-style - Rotary Suites. Rotary residents have large living rooms, private bathrooms, and kitchenettes. Rotary is reserved for juniors and seniors only.
  • All residence halls are completely smoke-free.
  • Centenary fully complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Any resident needing special accommodations must notify us when completing the online housing application in addition to completing the ADA forms available on the Counseling Services website.

Are single rooms available?

  • We do sometimes assign single rooms; however, they are very scarce. Most years no students are assigned single rooms prior to opening in the fall. Once the semester starts, if room is available, single rooms are primarily awarded based on seniority. Interested students may add their name to a Single Room Waiting List that restarts about two weeks into each semester. Details are sent out via campus-wide email.

What is Room Consolidation?

  • Students assigned to double rooms who end up without roommates will enter a room consolidation process approximately two weeks into each semester. During this process they may have a new roommate placed with them or may be reassigned to a different room. The $10.00 room change fee will be waived for students moving into assigned singles and for students involved in the consolidation process. Students may request to "buy out" their space as a private single room, but this is not always possible. Single rooms are assigned based on seniority and space available.

Do you ever run out of space in the residence halls?

  • Occasionally the number of people who request to live on campus exceeds our normal room capacity. For this reason we have developed temporary spaces in the residence halls. Students who register for housing after our normal capacity has been met will be given a temporary assignment. Examples of temporary housing include: added as a third person to a room with 2 other incoming students, being placed in a single occupancy room with someone, or being placed with a Resident Assistant. Temporary assignments can last anywhere from 1 day to the entire fall semester. Notification will be given prior to your arrival on campus if this applies to you.
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