Residence Hall Staff and Government

What is the Office of Residence Life and Housing?

  • The Residence Life and Housing department provides social and educational activities, oversees housing placement and operations, and coordinates other residential functions for students who live in the campus residence halls. The office is located on the lower level of the Student Union Building (SUB). The office staff consists of the Director of Residence Life and a staff of student assistants. Our live-in staff includes the Director of Residence Life living in Rotary, a Residence Life Coordinator living in James, and five other student Hall Directors, and a staff of Resident Assistants (RAs).
  • Although we work closely with their staff, housekeeping and maintenance functions in the residence halls are handled by the Facilities Services office.

What is a Resident Assistant (RA)?

  • The RAs are the backbone of our residence life program. Each of these student leaders is selected through a selective screening process and receives extensive training on mediation, activity planning, policy enforcement, and dealing with emergency procedures. RAs are responsible for upholding community standards, mentoring students on their floors, and building a sense of community in the residence halls.

What purpose do the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and the Hall Councils serve?

  • The students of each residence hall elect peers to represent them each year. Each building elects a Hall Council. These governing bodies set community standards, plan activities, and represent the students living on campus. Each Hall Council sends their President and one other representative to serve on the board of the Residence Hall Association (RHA). RHA executive board members are elected each spring in a campus-wide election. In addition to activity planning and student representation, RHA sets sanctioning guidelines and for minor residential judicial cases and hears appeals, provides leadership training, and represents our campus at regional and national conferences. Any student who is interested in getting involved is encouraged to contact a residence life staff, Hall Council, or RHA member.
  • Please see the RHA page or email email for more information.
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