What to Bring (and not bring)

You may want to bring (or buy after arrival)

  • Alarm Clock (unless you use your phone as one)
  • Bathroom Towels (and a mat if you like)
  • Bedding and Pillow (twin extra long sheets recommended, mattress is 78" long)
  • Carpet (if you prefer carpet to flooring)
  • Computer (recommended)
  • Dishware (a cup, bowl, & plate and a fork, knife, & spoon)
  • Fan (can be helpful)
  • Laundry Detergent (liquid recommended)
  • Phone (cell is recommended, though there is a land line jack in room)
  • Surge Protector Multiple Electrical Outlet Device (only those power bars/strips, multiple socket plugs, or extension cords with built in surge protectors are allowed)

What you can/can't bring in regards to

  • Pets
    • The only pets or other animals students are allowed to have inside any campus facility, with the exception of seeing eye or other service animals, are fish, hermit crabs, and aquatic turtles. All such pets must be kept in an aquarium at all times. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after and caring for their pets, and will have to remove them from the halls immediately if there are offensive odors or allergy concerns. Aquariums may not be larger than 15 gallons.
  • Weight Lifting Equipment
    • Barbells, weight lifting equipment, and dumbbells weighing 5 pounds or less are allowed in the on campus residential buildings. All such weights over 5 pounds each are not allowed. There is a wide assortment of equipment available in the Centenary Fitness Center.
  • Candles and Incense
    • To The burning of any substance (other than cigarettes in approved outdoor smoking areas) is not allowed in or around the residential buildings.
    • Candles and incense may not be burned.
    • Partially burned candles and/or incense are not allowed in the residential buildings.
    • Electric melters of scented wax (aka: candle warmers) are allowed. Former candles that were never burned and have had the wicks cut off are no longer candles and thus may be used in electric melters of scented wax.
  • Appliances
    • Appliances with exposed heating elements or very hot surfaces are generally not allowed. There are some exceptions (see below). Appliances not allowed in any residential building include, but not limited to, toaster ovens, electric skillets, fryers, open electric grills, halogen lights, and space heaters.
    • Clothes irons, coffee pots, and candle warmers are allowed but may not be left unattended when turned on and/or plugged in when not in use.
    • Students may have one microwave (no more than 900 watts) and one refrigerator under 1.8 amps per room. It is encouraged to use a microwave / refrigerator combination unit with a single plug, which prevents the refrigerator from cycling on when the microwave is in use, thus avoiding an tripping the circuit breaker.
    • Crock pots / slow cookers and closed electric grills (eg: the kind commonly associated with George Foreman) may be used in the kitchen areas only.
  • Multiple socket plugs / surge protectors
    • Multiple socket plugs are only allowed if they include a surge protector and even then should never have several high drain appliances in use simultaneously.
    • Students in areas where circuit breakers need to be reset may be required to reduce the number of electric and electronic devices in use to conform to the capacity of the electrical system.
  • More information is available in the online Student Handbook.

Can you bring a car to campus?

  • Yes. Most of our students bring cars with them. However, Centenary is small enough that students can conveniently walk anywhere on campus.
  • Vehicles are registered on line through the Department of Public Safety's website under Vehicle Registration. In order to register a motor vehicle, you will need a valid driver's license and the license plate number of your vehicle. Your parking permit will be delivered to you through campus mail.