Off-campus Housing

All full-time students at Centenary College are required to reside in campus housing. The Student Handbook outlines circumstances in which exceptions to this policy are made.

Make sure you fill out the following form:

All Off-campus forms will be filled out online this year. The deadline to submit the form is Thursday, March 29. If you do not complete the off-campus request form online, you will be charged for Room and Board for the 2012-2013 year. Once charged, although the room and board fees can be removed, a $300 fee will be assessed. Once the semester begins, all room fees are nonrefundable. YOU MUST FILL THIS FORM OUT EVERY YEAR!

Approval of Off-Campus Status

Note that submission of the Off-Campus Housing Form does not guarantee an exception to the residency requirement and that additional documentation may be required. Decisions can be appealed to the Exception Review Committee; decisions of the committee are final.

Again, please refer to the Student Handbook online for additional details.