Same Room, Same Roommate?


a) both you and your current roomamte want to be roomamtes in the same room again next year,


b) you are currently paying for a single room and and want the same room as a single again next year,

then this is the process for you.

The Super Easy Two Step (no, it's not a dance):

step 1: Each of you fills out your "Housing Assignment Information and Proxy Form" and turns it in by Wednesday, March 28 at the Student Development Office (SUB Lower Level).

step 2: On Friday, March 30, between 2:30p and 3:00p, either one of you stops by the Student Development Office to confirm that your room is X'd off of the chart.

Please remember that all current occupants of the room in question must sign the forms. All roommates in question must be Room Lottery eligible.