Residence Hall Association

What We're About

The purpose of the Residence Hall Association of Centenary College of Louisiana is to represent resident students and to meet their needs. We strive to accomplish this through advocacy, educational and social programming, and by facilitating open communication and mediation among residents, hall councils, and the administration. RHA includes the Executive Council, the General Board, and the House Councils.

What purpose do the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and the Hall Councils serve?

The students of each residential area elect fellow students to their respective House Council and to RHA. These representative governing bodies plan activities, have a voice in setting community standards, and attend regional and national conferences. Each House Council sends their President and one other representative to serve on the General Board of the Residence Hall Association (RHA). RHA Executive Board members are elected each spring in a campus-wide election. In addition to activity planning and student representation, RHA sets sanctioning guidelines and for some residential student conduct cases and hears appeals, and provides leadership training on campus. Any student who is interested in getting involved is encouraged to contact a member of RHA, House Council, or Residence Life.

contact: email
or: Ryan Flanagan, 2014-2015 President, email

House Councils

House Councils are the governing bodies of each of the four residential areas. The officers of the Councils serve their respective students and work to promote a sense of community in each individual area and throughout the dorms.

2014-2015 Presidents of the House Councils

Environmental Sustainability World House Council (in Hardin-Sexton)
Rachel Clampit email

Peace World House Council (in Cline)
Chloe Snow email

Social Justice World House Council (in James)
MarvKevea Campbell email

Rotary Apartments House Council
Sarah Irons email