Apartment and Room Selection
for 2016-2017

General Information about Apartment and Room Selection

date and time: Wednesday, March 30, 2016 in the Fit gym at 8p
Each current residential student not on the graduation list is assigned a Selection Number. Numbers are assigned based on a combination of class year, academic achievement, application date, and disciplinary record. If you have a conflict with the selection date and time, you should sign your contract, name someone to be your proxy (there's a box on the form), and send your form with that person your behalf.

Students Living in a Living Learning Community (LLC) Pick First

Those of you who will live in a designated LLC area should be on time because you pick first. Be sure to bring your roommate/suitemates (or their proxy forms) with you. Any rooms and suites in LLC areas not needed for LLC members and their suitemates will be open to all students. To know which rooms will still be open, we need LLC folks to pick first. You can only pick from the limited area for the LLC. This allows for LLC students to live in a close community and for all students to have as many options as possible.

Groups Selecting a Full Apartment or Suite are Prioritized

Those who sign up as a full apartment/suite select before those who sign up as a partial apt./suite. A full apt./suite means that all bed spaces are accounted for (eg: in a 4 person apt./suite, that could be 2 sets of roommates, or 1 set of roommates and 1 suitemate paying for a single, or 2 suitemates each paying for a single).

What if Iím Not in a Group Selecting a Full Apartment or Suite?

After full apts. and suites are selected, groups selecting a partial apt./suite make their selections, followed by individuals Ė with those paying for a single next, then those who want to be assigned a roommate. There will be a maximum of 1 partially filled suite per gender per building, if they can be consolidated (eg: 2 different pairs of roommates of the same gender will be combined into the same suite, though in Peace/Cline, one group in 3 full rooms and another group in 2 full rooms obviously canít be consolidated). You canít pick an empty room unless no other spaces of your gender are available in that building. This may result in you being assigned to a room or a roommate you donít want. If at some point you end up in a double room without a roommate, you will be assigned a roommate or consolidated with someone later, which may be a different room. You are encouraged to explore roommate options prior to arriving at the selection event.

Selection Numbers of Group Members are Averaged (Using the Mean)

By taking the average (mean) of the selection numbers of the group members, it doesnít matter whether there are 2 people (each with a single in a 2 bedroom apt./suite) or 8 people (each with roommates in a 4 bedroom suite). The mean number closest to 1 picks first, and so on.

Rotary Apartments

For the Rotary Apartments, you are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to select as an ENTIRE APARTMENT because of the shared front room (kitchen/dining/living room). Most of the apartments are two bedrooms with two bathrooms (every bedroom in Rotary has its own bathroom). There are a couple of one bedroom apartments and a couple of efficiency/studio apartments. Students who were found to be in violation of more than one incident (not including Honor Court) might not be eligible to live in Rotary.

What if I Donít Have a Roommate or Apt./Suitemates?

Talk to friends and other folks you know to try to find other students who are looking for a roommate and apt.mates/suitemates. Ask around about friends of friends who are looking for someone(s) to live with. Come to Apt. & Room Selection to meet others still looking.

Single Rooms

Single rooms are available in all buildings, on an ďas availableĒ basis. Students assigned to single rooms might have roommates temporarily or permanently assigned to their rooms, as needed. If temporary roommates are assigned, we would hope to have them moved out during the first two weeks of the semester. Students who have roommates placed with them will be charged at the double room rate each day until their room becomes a single. If single rooms are available during the year, any student is welcome to request one. The cost for a single room is 50% more than the same roomís cost as a double.

Important Information and Reminders

—> If you cannot attend Apt./Room Selection, complete the proxy box & send your form with your proxy (and sign the contract on the back).
—> If you (or your proxy) donít attend Apt./Room Selection, you will likely have far fewer options later.
—> If you neither sign up nor have approval to live off campus, you will be charged for a room and meal plan for next year.
—> If your planned roommate doesnít stay your roommate for any reason, you may be assigned another roommate and you may be moved.
—> If a planned apartment-mate/suitemate doesnít stay your apt./suitemate for any reason, any/all of you may be moved.
—> All roommates and apartment-mates/suitemates must be present or have signed proxy forms to sign up together.