Sexton is half of the Environmental Sustainability World House (the other half being Hardin) and can house up to 80 students. Four students live in each two room suite, which includes a residential style bathroom. People who live in Sexton enjoy the convenience of being close to the cafeteria (the Caf), the Student Union Building (the SUB), the Hurley School of Music, and the Library.

Sexton Hall underwent major renovations during the summer of 2008. These renovations include new carpeting in the corridors, new flooring in the stairways and bedrooms, new furniture, freshly painted walls, and completely redone bathrooms, including motion sensing lights.

The floor space of Sexton rooms is 17' x 10'3". The window space is 5'9" x 5'7".

In all of our residential buildings, each room has cable tv as well as wired and wifi internet. Each building also offers a Main Lounge with a television and DVD player, a study area, a small computer lab, vending machines, a kitchen, and a laundry room with no-cost machines.

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