Residence Life Staff for 2014-2015

Central Staff

Director of Residence Life Montgomery Mewers email
Lead Resident Assistant Joanna Warren email
Lead Resident Assistant Kali Bernard email
Lead Resident Assistant Shane Edmondson email
Residence Life Coordinator Bethany Stafford email
Residence Life Coordinator Leslie Nobles email

Apartments Staff (in Rotary)

Lead RA for Res.Life & RA for 1st, 3rd, 4th floors Kali Bernard email
apt. 305
Lead RA for Res.Life & RA for 2nd floor Joanna Warren email
apt. 205
supervised by Res.Life Coor. Bethany Stafford email

Environmental Sustainability World House Staff
(in Hardin and Sexton)

Community Resident Assistant for Environmental Sustainability World House Alex Vandruff email Sexton 207
Lead RA for Res.Life & RA of 2nd floor Shane Edmondson email Hardin 205
RA for Hardin 1st floor (including   GreenHouse LLC) Steven Knight email Hardin 101
Resident Assistant for Sexton 1st floor Tierra Range email Sexton 116
Resident Assistant for Sexton 2nd floor Chelsea Glaspie email Sexton 116
live-in professional for Environmental Sustainability World House Montgomery Mewers email
apt. near front door in Sexton

Peace World House Staff
(in Cline)

Community Resident Assistant for Peace World House Aakriti Bhandari email
room 394
Resident Assistant for 350s-390s Hannah Kimbrough email
room 374
Resident Assistant for 300s-340s Graham Maxwell email
room 334
Resident Assistant for 200s & 250s-290s DJ Hicks email
room 271
RA for 210s-240s (including   MENA LLC) Ayanna Griffin email
room 221
Resident Assistant for 1st floor Ammiee Brown email
room 121
live-in professional for Peace World House Leslie Nobles
apt. near front door

Social Justice World House Staff
(in James)

Community Resident Assistant for Social Justice World House Matthieu St.Romain email
Annex 223
Resident Assistant for Annex 2nd floor Brianna Walker email Annex 204
Resident Assistant for Annex 1st floor Dei'Anna Hall email
Annex 108
RA for Proper 212-222 floor (including   Node LLC) Allie Hornsby email
Proper 220-R
RA for Proper 201-211 (including   Santé LLC) Brianna Manieri email Proper 204-R
RA for Proper 1st floor (including   Le Quartier Français LLC) Herman Hope email Proper 121-R
live-in professional for Social Justice World House Bethany Stafford email
apt. near front door