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About Us

Residence Hall Association and Hall Council are fun and exciting ways to get involved with residence life! We seek to improve life on campus through programming and campus improvements. Check out the sections above to find out more about what we do and how you can get involved!

Looking for infomation on the residence halls on campus, what to bring, or about the hall policies? Check out the Residence Life website!

About RHA

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the governing body of residence life at Centenary and includes the five Hall Councils. Our purpose is to improve the quality of residence life through community programming and campus and hall improvements.


RHA has 5 committees that serve various purposes: Policies & Procedures, Special Events, Improvements, Publicity, and Fundraising. Each General Board member serves on a committee of their choice. Committees meet every other week after RHA meetings.

Policies & Procedures

The Policies & Procedures Committee works on campus improvements. Past projects have included improving the laundry system and campus lighting. The Policies %& Procedures committee was also responsible for the addition of cable television in the residence halls. The Vice-President of Policies & Procedures heads this committee.

Special Events

The Special Events Committee is responsible for RHA events on campus. Special Events puts together Diversity Week in the fall and Game Show Week in the spring, as well as monthly events. Past events have included the Orientation Dance, a winter luau, and t-shirt decorating for Homecoming. The Vice-President of Special Events heads this committee.


The Improvements Committee works to improve RHA as an organization and promotes a sense of camaraderie between members. In the past, the Improvements committee has provided King Cake for Mardi Gras and green tea for stress relief. The Secretary/Treasurer heads this committee.


The Publicity Committee is responsible for publicizing RHA events. The Publicity Coordinator heads this committee. %


The Fundraising Committee works to raise money for conferences to enable students to attend conferences at little to no expense. Past projects have included Centenary blankets and bake sales. The Fundraising Coordinator heads this committee.


RHA is affiliated with the SWACURH region, the Southwestern Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls, of NACURH, the National Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls. NACURH includes RHAs from across the nation while SWACURH includes RHAs in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Mexico. These organizations provide resources for affiliated RHAs and sponsor conferences, SWACURH in the fall and NACURH in the summer. All RHA members, Hall Council members, and RAs are invited to these conferences, which are held in different places every year. A couple of past sites for SWACURH include Tulsa, Oklahoma and Lubbock, Texas. NACURH sites have included Syracuse, New York and San Francisco, California. These conferences offer the opportunity to exchange ideas with other schools to improve our program.

About Hall Councils

Hall Councils are the governing body of the halls and work to make improvements to the halls and promote a sense of community.

Hall Improvements

Hall Councils have two opportunities during the year to request funds for hall improvements. In the past, Hall Councils have used these funds to get new furniture, a new television, or paint the lobby. Hall Councils have also established study rooms and changed quiet hours.


Hall Councils try to put on one event each month, either specifically for their residents or for the campus. Many times, they work with their RAs or other organizations on campus. Past events have included a video game party, salsa dancing lessons, movie nights, and Kindegarten Day. Hall Councils also get involved with community service projects. Past community service projects have included Valentines for Meals on Wheels and collecting donations for hurricane victims.

Join Us!

Elections will be held at the beginning of the fall semester! Positions available are RHA Class Representative (2 per class) and the following Hall Council positions: Secretary/Treasurer, Special Events Coordinator, and Floor Representative. Some Hall Councils have other positions available as well, so contact your Hall Council President or Vice-President if you are interested! Be sure to check your email and this website to find out when self-nominations begin!


Elections for Class Representatives are at the beginning of the fall semester, and EC elections are towards the end of the spring semester. Class Reprentatives gather opinions about residence life from their classmates and bring them back to RHA, while EC members oversee the activities of RHA and chair the various committees. To serve as a Hall Representative, you must be a member of a Hall Council.

Elections over, but you still want to get involved? Check out our Events section to attend our events! We also welcome your feedback on our events and what improvements you would like to see on campus!

Hall Councils

Presidents and Vice-Presidents are elected at the end of the spring semester, while all other positions are elected at the beginning of the fall semester. Special Events Coordinators are in charge of planning the Hall Council events, Secretary/Treasurers take minutes and are in charge of finances (some Hall Councils separate the positions), and Floor Representatives gather the opinions of their floor residents and bring them back to the Hall Council. Some Hall Councils also have other positions available, so be sure to contact your Hall Council President for more information!

Elections over? There are still opportunities! Be sure to attend your Hall Council events and let them know what improvements you would like to see!