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RHA Bylaws

I. Robert's Rules of Order

The Residence Hall Association is governed by Robert's Rules of Order, 10th Revised Edition.

II. Ratification of By-Laws

The By-Laws are reviewed and reapproved at the beginning of each academic year. The By-Laws may also be waived by a 2/3 vote of the quorum present of the general board.

III. RHA Meeting Time

The time for RHA meetings is decided by a majority vote of general board at the beginning of each academic year. Meeting time can be changed by a 2/3 vote of the general board.

IV. RHA Archives

  1. Meeting minutes will be archived in the RHA office, and any student body member can view these archives in the presence of an executive council member.
  2. Copies of the hall constitutions will be archived also in the RHA office.

V. Committee Policy

All RHA members are obligated to attend all committee meetings as scheduled once assigned to that particular committee.

VI. Absence Policy

A. General Rules

No RHA member will be allowed to miss more than (3) unexcused absences per semester. Excused absences are subject to approval by the Secretary and/or Executive Council. Except in the situations of emergency, the Secretary must be contacted at least 24 hours prior to the upcoming meeting. All excuses must be in writing or sent via email.

B. Executive Council Absence Policy

Upon the 4th unexcused absence, a motion will be brought to the floor to remove that person from that office. Once removed, election will immediately take place to replace the removed officer(s).

C. General Board Absence Policy

1) Upon the 2nd absence of a general board member, a letter of warning will be issued to that member with a copy sent to the RHA president and Advisor. <br>
2) Upon the 4th absence, a letter recommending the removal of the member from RHA will be sent to the respective hall council.

VII. Absentee Votes

Absentee votes will be allowed by a majority vote of the quorum present. In these cases only, proxy votes will be counted if they are submitted to the Executive Council in writing before the vote is called to question.

VIII. RHA Conference Contract Policy

All members registered to attend a conference will be required to sign the RHA contract for conference events (See Appendix A).

IX. Secretary/Treasurer Minute Guidelines

  1. Every meeting shall begin with the secretary taking roll.
  2. All motions and amendments shall be submitted in writing and given to the secretary for record keeping.
  3. Each RHA general board and executive council member shall be referred to in the minutes by his or her official position.
  4. Minutes shall follow the format of the agenda of that particular meeting.
  5. Minutes shall be recorded separately from open session during a closed session meeting.
  6. Open session minutes shall posted to the RHA website within 48 hours prior to the following meeting.

Elections Bylaws

I. Elections Chairperson

The National Communications Coordinator has administrative authority for all RHA and hall council elections. The NCC should report to the general board before his/his decisions as related to election dates, rules, and procedures.

II. Aid to Elections Chairperson

The NCC shall enlist the aid of the current general board, and a separate committee if deemed necessary, in all processes of the election.

III. Notification of Elections

The campus will be notified approximately two weeks prior to all elections in either the Conglomerate or another appropriate form of campus-wide communication as chosen by the NCC with the approval of the general board. Applications are required fro the nominations of candidates, they will be available at the designated time from the NCC.

IV. Executive and Hall Council Elections

A. Time of Year Elections

Elections for executive council officers and general board members will be held in April of each year as announced by the executive council. Election for the remainder of the hall council members will be held after the beginning of the new school year.

B. Publicity During Elections

Publicity for the election may consist of unlimited amounts of handouts, mailings, newspaper advertisements, buttons, bumper stickers, pster signs, banners, etc. Publicity may begin the morning after petitions are due. Posters may be hung on bulletin boards and walls only. No campaigning, verbal or otherwise, may be done in a building where voting is currently taking place during the specific voting times. All publicity must be removed within 24 hours of the notification of the final results. A candidate is responsible for any and all literature on his/her behalf. A candidate may not put his/her literature over another candidate's literature. Failure to comply with the established campaign regulations may result in the disqualification of a candidate by a 2/3 vote of the general board.

C. Order of Placement on Ballots

On the ballot(s) in all elections, the candidates will be placed in alphabetical order by last name.

D. Counting of Votes

The NCC will direct the counting of votes, with the assistance of the current President and Advisor. Each candidate for RHA is allowed to submit a witness, of their choice, to be present during the counting of the votes. If any candidate has a question about the results of an election, he/she may be told the final count, and request a re-count.

E. Winning Candidate

The winning candidate will be the person receiving the plurality of the votes cast. All candidates will be notified of the results no more than eight hours after closing the polls.

F. Requirements of Elected RHA and Hall Council Members

All elected RHA and Hall Council members are required to fulfill all requirements and obligations asked of them as written in the RHA constitution and service contracts.