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Student Government Association

Senate Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2006

I. Attendance
1. Call to order
Meeting called to order at 8:05

Senator Attendance
Sen. Cook P
Sen.Hafer P
Sen.Liddell A
Sen.Ward P
Sen. Will P
Sen. King Absent, Excused
Sen. Lusted P
Sen. McDonald P
Sen. Russell P
Sen. Williams P
Sen. Boudreaux P
Sen. Burnom P
Sen. Kohrs P
Sen. Rougely P
Sen. Scanlan P
Sen. Argue P
Sen. Harrell P
Sen. Monette P
Sen. Nguyen P
Sen. Stuart P
Secretary Lang P
Treasurer Ehricht P
VPIA Hills P
President Lavan P

TOTALS Present 24 Absent 1 Excused 1
Approval of the Minutes:
Senator Ward moves to amend line 47 to read called to question by Senator Cook, seconded by Senator Ward
And Line 92 needs to say ďSenator WillĒ not just Senator
Seconded by Senator Cook
Revisions to the minutes passed
Minutes from February 14, 2006 were approved
II Officer Reports
a. Secretary Lang- Send resolutions and excuses on time.
b. Treasurer Ehricht'%- We have $4, 778.08 left for the semester.
V.P. EA Cole- Pass in liaison forms please. Alcohol committee we donít need to meet tonight, but we are meeting on Thursday.
V.P. IA- We have no meeting no bylaws this Friday.
President Lavan- I want to do one item of extra business now. For an update on the media issues. We had a good positive start to correct our relationships. We found four major problems and those will hopefully be corrected in the next month or so. We want to be sure and support these corrections. We want to make it easier for them to inform us about what they are up to. There are some communication break downs that have occurred and we discussed a checks and balances system to eliminate some small problems that have become big problems. Letís make the right decisions tonight.

Media Report- KSCL Sara Hebert
Hebert- As of last we have announced last week a new faculty advisor. Dr. Laffey. Battle of the bands went well. It would have been bigger if it werenít for the rain and the not being during homecoming week. Three of the bands approached us about doing a fundraising for KSCL. We are going through an upgrade right now. We should hear back from the FCC soon if we have been approved. We have raised $100,000, but we have spent a lot of that and we need more money to pay for some programming. KSCL runs from noon to midnight. You can hear us up to about 5 miles off campus. This has been a great semester so far. We have been trying to bring popular music from KSCL to play live on campus.
Treasurer Ehricht- The checks for the winners are in Shannonís office so two weeks at the most you should expect to get that.
Hebert- The media committee is a very strong committee and they can handle the medias themselves. And I think it would take some burden off of yaíll. It would be great if liaisons could get involved.

III Old Business
Senator Will moves to take off the table Resolution 0506_23 Resolution to allocate $1, 223 to Alpha Sigma Chi (Chemistry Club) in order to attend the National American Chemical Society Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia off the table.
Senator Will amends lines 27 and 39 to read Alpha Sigma Chi
Treasurer Ehricht moves to amend lines 4 and 27 to read $500, seconded by Senator Lusted
Treasurer Ehricht- I donít have a real way to explain this. We have to work with what we have and seeing what we have coming up and those benefit more students.
Senator Russell- This is good.
Senator Ward- I think this cut is too big. These students are going to have to pay $100 out of pocket and the Chemistry Dept. canít afford to put any more money towards this.
Senator Monette- I think that we really need to look at how this will benefit the greater student body
Senator Will- Not only two people are going to benefit from this, the whole student body will benefit from this. It is very involved in outreach to our community and I think they need to go to this conference to learn more.
Senator Russell- Only two people are going and Kelly went last year. I think this is a good cut.
Called to question by Senator Russell, Seconded by Senator Cook
||Senator|| Vote
||Sen. Cook|| Y
||Sen. Hafer|| Y
||Sen. Liddell|| N
||Sen. Ward|| N
||Sen. Will|| N
||Sen. King|| A
||Sen. Lusted|| Y
||Sen. McDonald|| Y
||Sen. Russell|| Y
||Sen. Williams|| A
||Sen. Boudreaux|| Y
||Sen. Burnom|| N%0
||Sen. Kohrs|| N
||Sen. Rougely|| A
||Sen. Scanlan|| Y
||Sen. Argue|| Y
||Sen. Harrell|| Y
||Sen. Monette|| Y
||Sen. Nguyen|| Y
||Sen. Stuart|| Y
||Secretary Lang|| A
||Treasurer Ehricht|| Y
||VPEA Cole|| Y
||VPIA Hills|| Y
||President Lavan||
Amendment Passes Y 15 N 4 A 4
Secretary Lang- I think we should pass this resolution because they do help a lot in our community and in our mission statement it says that we are a group that will strive to help in our campus and community.
Senator Ward moves to amend lines 4 and 27 to read $750, seconded by Senator Liddell
Senator Ward- I feel that $500 is too low, I know two people are going but I feel that they can use some more money b/c the provost wonít support them nor will their dept.
Senator Will- $750 is a good amount, with this they will still be paying more out of pocket, but $500 is way too low
Treasurer Ehricht- One of the students has already gone and according to the email $1000 would be enough
Senator Liddell- This is one way that we can support academics more
VPEA Cole- No one is arguing we shouldnít support them we just need to be responsible with our money, we have 4 more monetary resolutions to entertain just next week
Called to question by Senator Russell, seconded by Senator Monette
||Senator|| Vote
||Sen. Cook|| N
||Sen.Hafer|| N
||Sen.Liddell|| Y
||Sen.Ward|| Y
||Sen. Will|| Y
||Sen. King|| A
||Sen. Lusted|| N
||Sen. McDonald|| N
||Sen. Russell|| N
||Sen. Williams|| N
||Sen. Boudreaux|| N
||Sen. Burnom|| N
||Sen. Kohrs|| N
||Sen. Rougely|| A
||Sen. Scanlan|| N
||Sen. Argue|| N
||Sen. Harrell|| N
||Sen. Monette|| N
||Sen. Nguyen|| N
||Sen. Stuart|| N
||Secretary Lang|| A
||Treasurer Ehricht|| N
||VPEA Cole|| N
||VPIA Hills|| N
||President Lavan||
Amendment Fails Y 3 N 18 A 3
The Resolution stands at $500
Called to question by Senator Will, Seconded by Senator Stuart
||Senator|| Vote
||Sen. Cook|| Y
||Sen.Hafer|| Y
||Sen.Liddell|| Y
||Sen.Ward|| Y
||Sen. Will|| Y
||Sen. King|| A
||Sen. Lusted|| Y
||Sen. McDonald|| Y
||Sen. Russell|| Y
||Sen. Williams|| Y
||Sen. Boudreaux|| Y
||Sen. Burnom|| Y
||Sen. Kohrs|| Y
||Sen. Rougely|| A
||Sen. Scanlan|| Y
||Sen. Argue|| Y
||Sen. Harrell|| Y
||Sen. Monette|| A
||Sen. Nguyen|| Y
||Sen. Stuart|| Y
||Secretary Lang|| A
||Treasurer Ehricht|| Y
||VPEA Cole|| Y
||VPIA Hills|| Y
||President Lavan||
Passes Y 20 N 0 A 4

IV New Business
Senator Russell moves to adopt Resolution 0506_24 Resolution to allocate $1000 to the Convocationís Committee for the purpose of assisting in the expenses to bring anti-discrimination speaker Jane Elliot to campus tentatively on March 13, 2006
-Senator Russell reads the resolution%
-Yields time to Talicia Johnson
Talicia Johnson- Jane Eliot began her experiments in response to assassination of Martin Luther King. She devised the experiment based on eye color to show her class the effects of discrimination. She treated the blue eyed kids as minorities. She ran tests to show that the blue eyed kids scored lower on the tests. Her experiment has been adapted into different films. She has given presentations in high schools and colleges around the country and world. Convocations committee has put up $7000 to bring her here. She will present to different classes and present a larger lecture to the student body as a whole. And there are plans to show one of her films before she comes. I think her visit to our campus would be very beneficial. Having her here would be a memorable experience and an honor.
Senator Stuart- Can the convocation committee afford to pay the final $1000.
Advisor Chirhart- Can she be brought in as an Attaway fellow?
Johnson- My guess is that she wouldnít be able to stay the length of time.
Advisor Chirhart- Nicolletti has brought to our attention that there is a lot of money left in convocations.
Rome- We discussed the fact that she couldnít be an Attaway fellow.
Senator Cook- Can we find out if they have enough money to pay this $1000 themselves.
Senator Russell- Would she be actually be doing the experiment?
Johnson- She would be giving a lecture on discrimination, but wonít be doing the experiment.
Senator Ward- Do you know if she has a website?
Johnson- I think there is a janeeliot.com
Senator Argue- Is her coming here depend on us giving this money.

Senator Kohrs moves to adopt Resolution 0506_25 Resolution to allocate $1500 to Alpha Epsilon Delta for the annual Crawfish Boil , Seconded by Monette
-Senator Kohrs reads the resolution
Senator Kohrs- Around 200 people went last year. We got $200 from the WEQ last year specifically for the crawfish boil and $1000 from SGA as well
-Yields time to Chirhart
Advisor Chirhart- I am involved in this on a number of levels. Crawfish prices have gone up immensely. Our department can pay for about 400-500 dollars.
-Yields time Jen. Atchison
Atchison- Community will benefit from this. Every time we have initiation our members pays $60 and we donít even get to touch $50 of that. We put on a lot of programs. A lot of our budget goes towards that. If you contribute to this you help us pay for other programs too. Itís a good time of fellowship and fun. We would like to keep it free. Over 200 people came last year. The whole campus can really benefit from this.
Senator Will- Is there anyway you can not have crawfish?
Atchison- Itís been a tradition to have crawfish, theyíve been doing it for at least 15 years.
Advisor Chirhart- There are other things there, but the crawfish is always gone afterwards. The students love it. It would kinda suck if we didnít have the crawfish.
President Lavan- Last year the SGA has been invited are we invited again?
Senator Ward- Whatís the date?
Atchison- April 26 and yes you are all invited
Senator Ward- You provide everything and you have someone else cook it?
Advisor Chirhart- Yes they drive from south Louisiana and cook it free of charge and they donít even charge us to use their equipment
Senator Boudreaux- These are some of the biggest and best crawfish Iíd ever had.

Senator Harrell moves to adopt Resolution 0506_26 Resolution to allocate $1595 to the Centenary Rugby Football Club of Centenary College of Louisiana , Seconded by Senator Monette
-Senator Harrell reads the resolution
-Yields time to Nic Clark, President and Founder of the Rugby club
Clark-I came here and was shocked to find out that there was no rugby club. So I was excited to be able to bring this to our campus. The rugby club is all male. To eliminate doubt that I know what Iím talking about, I have played for 10 years all over the place. What the rugby club is doing right now is preparing for summer sevens. This is done in the summer so itís really hot. It takes about 6 weeks to receive uniforms and we have a game on April 29. We are seeking sponsorship from other businesses. But we didnít want to risk not getting the money. I approached Mike Thomas for gear for us to practice. I spoke to Mike Thomas and he said he could do a total of $374 of things. The rugby club needs money for jerseys. The IRB governs all aspects of rugby. There are specific items of clothing that a player must wear. We cannot wear t-shirts or rip off jerseys. We would be ineligible to play. The uniforms that we are asking for are climate controlled jerseys. The jerseys we want start at $60. This $60 doesnít include the numbers on the back or the crest on the front. The jersey was worn by Alex Boudreaux to ensure durability. I chose two companies that are in the US that are reliable. To become an official club we have to pay dues to the union. We cannot take the field if we are not members of the union. The last page shows that not only does each member pay $30 to join the union, but we have to pay $150 to the union to be officially recognized. The dollar amount is not overboard.
Senator Ward- Do you have to register every year?
Nic Clark- Every year, the registration is valid for the calendar year
Senator Will- You only have one game this semester and the rest are in the summer.
Clark- The season has already started, we are scrimmaging against Tech so that we have experience before the summer tournaments
Senator Will- Will all the players be here over the summer?
Clark- Yes
Senator Scanlan- If you arenít registered yet do you have to have the jerseys
Clark- Even though it is a friendly game it is officiated like it would be for a real game. We want to get the jerseys before the end of the semester. We have to have clothing to play the game.
Senator Rougely- Would you say that the $832 is the most important?
Clark- And the Union dues%%2%%0%
Senator Rougely- Donít you think that these guys can pay some of their dues?
Clark- We have a guy who runs out there in his bare feet b/c he canít afford good shoes to play in, this is an emergency, this money needs to be processed, you are making an assumption about what they can pay
Senator Boudreaux- I put that thing on and itís pretty tough, the jerseys and shorts and other supplies, who will that belong to? Will the jerseys belong to specific people?
Clark- No one will specifically own there own jersey. They will belong to the club. They are all kept together.
Treasurer Ehricht- Have you looked at money from the WEQ and the Muses?
Clark- I was unaware of these sources
Senator Monette- You said that you started the rugby club? What guarantee do we have that it wonít die out when you leave?
Clark- Several of the guys who come out are freshmen and the VP type person is a junior. I will make sure it doesnít die out. It wonít become a tombstone in the Centenary club graveyard.
Senator Russell- On the US Rugby application there is a slot for Coed. As far as a competitive team we can not be a coed team.
Senator Russell- Did you design the crest
Clark- One of our guys designed it
Senator Lusted- If these jerseys are built for the summer will you be able to wear them in the winter
Clark- Yeah the ones we are getting will really work all year long
Senator McDonald- How many of these 13 are graduating
Clark- I will be here until December
Senator Williams- Why do you want 10 jerseys and 13 pairs of shorts?
Clark- There can be a few guys off the field without jerseys, but they canít really sit on the sidelines without shorts
Senator Williams- Would it be better to get 15 jerseys and no shorts?
Clark- That is fine I guess. You can take the field in whatever shorts you want, but they arenít
Senator Ward- Do you need $60 for the jerseys?
Clark- the jerseys start at $45 will include number and crest
Senator Ward- with everything you are asking for I got something different, $1320
Senator Harrell- 60 times 10, plus 13 times 30, 13 times 30, 1 times 150. (they are asking for 1530);
Sentator Ward- So you are asking for us to pay for the student fees as well
Clark- Yes
Line 33 should read $30 not $35, line 4 and 40 to read %$1530.;%3;%
Senator Will- Why didnít you come to us with this in the fall?
Clark- We waited to do the recruiting drive until January, we werenít ready to compete in the fall.
Advisor Chirhart- If in Jan. you had 13 people why did you wait until now.
Clark- I wasnít even going to come to you guys, but I went some other places and didnít get what I needed.

Senator Russell moves to adopt Resolution 0506_27 Resolution to allocate $60 to reimburse Sophie Konieczynski for the supplies needed for ďParfaitsĒ, Senator Monette
-Senator Russell reads the resolution
Senator Russell- Since this is happening tomorrow night, and since she already bought it the number will be less than 60, lots of people are coming, high schools are coming.
-yields time to Sophie
Sophie- we are having a show tomorrow, we decided that it would be the students doing different activities like puppet shows and songs, we wanted to give the people who are coming something and we decided to do crepes
VPIA Hills- Have you tried to go to CAB with collateral planning? I think you qualify to talk to them.
Sophie- I talked to some CAB members and they thought it would be redundant because they are doing a king cake mardi gras thing on that day as well

Senator Harrell moves to adopt Resolution 0506_28 Resolution to charter the Centenary Environmental Association at Centenary College of Louisiana, Treasurer Ehricht seconds
-Senator Harrell Reads the resolution
Senator Harrell- If you are here in support wave (people in crowd wave and show duck signs) We wanted to update yaíll on the money we got from you last semester
Dan Kersting- We had a slight problem with our trying to get bins, we estimated that shipping would be about $75 and the cost was going to be the same price as getting the bins. The Muses decided that they werenít going to give us money. After Mardi Gras break we will give the first 130 students to get there a bin.
Senator Harrell- We just want to be chartered. This will be the last thing we need to get our project going.
Senator Ward- I was just wondering if you know who will be the interns next year.
Kersting-Amy will be around for a semester next year and I will be around and Sarah Eich will take over after Amy leaves
Senator Harrell- There are people working on an eco cottage
Senator Boudreaux- Can glass be recycled with the bins
Kersting- Glass cannot be recycled in Shreveport
Senator Harrell- Everything put in those bins, we get money every time they pick it up
Treasurer Ehricht- Are you planning anything for the end of the year?
Senator Harrell- We had that idea too
Senator Nguyen- How often would the bins be picked up?
Senator Harrell- That is one thing that we will have to be worked out
Senator Nguyen- When you pick up the bins will you be sorting itself
Kersting- Yes we will sort it ourselves
Senator Rougely- on a scale of 1-10 how awesome is this club going to be
Senator Harrell- It will be about a 30

VPEA Cole moves to adopt Resolution 0506_29 Resolution to Officially Thank Those Groups and/or Individuals that Made Homecoming 2006 ď3-Point ThrowbackĒ Possible, Senator Cook
-VPEA Cole reads the resolution
%2'Senator Liddell- How do you officially thank them?
VPEA Cole- By passing this resolution
Treasurer Ehricht- On a scale of 1-10 how was homecoming?
VPEA Cole-infinity
Senator Ward- Can we get cards to sign for them
VPEA Cole- Sure

V. Extra Business
Committee Reports are due next week
Do you think that we need to make another committee to accomplish another goal?
For next meeting, from the chairperson I need a plan of action. I need what you are planning to accomplish before April.
Senator Will has been added to video game committee
SGA go to the basketball game at 7

VI. Open Forum
Senator Stuart- Tomorrow night Anderson auditorium Mike Thomas is giving a speech on gambling at 8pm
'%Senator Harrell- I have to get through a stats test, I will be in Dublin next week.
Senator Monette- Rent came out today.
Senator Argue- I have to get through my senior sem test. Iím going to the carribean
Senator Nguyen-none
Senator Williams- I finished otto midterm this morning.
Senator McDonald- 25% of our class was at the reception. My little brother got 49th in the junior Olympics, but that was good.
Senator Lusted- The reception was REALLY nice. A lot of people came!
Senator King-
Senator Russell- I get to go home next week yay!
Senator Will- none
Senator Hafer- none
Senator Ward- For next year can we get bigger binders?
Senator Liddell'%2
- I like to play violin
Senator Cook- Iím not sure why student life doesnít care about the freshmen class.
Senator Burnom-none
Senator Scanlan- none
Senator Kohrs- I would like to say that if you a liaison to a club that we gave money to, make sure they use it
Senator Boudreaux- between Thursday and Friday I think I have a test in every class
Senator Rougely- Iím not afraid to admit that Iím addicted to desparate housewives
Advisor Delaney-
Secretary Lang- extend meeting to 10:10, and I am having a really really crappy week!!!!
Advisor Chirhart- I got back from this weekend from taking a student to a research thing and it was really cool. Please support the crawfish.
Treasurer Ehricht- Senior Sem. We like Soduku. This time next week I will be on my way to North Carolina
V.P. EA Cole- Nip tuck season two. Yay.
V.P. IA Hills- To all those who have david otto for something, heís a big teddy bear.
President Lavan- I need to see two groups the 222-taxi and then the COSGA people.
Senator Rougely moves to adjourn, Senator Monette seconds (and by monette I mean Lusted)