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Student Government Association

Senate Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2006

I. Attendance
1. Call to order
Meeting called to order at 8:10pm

Senator Attendance
Sen. Cook P
Sen.Hafer P
Sen.Liddell P
Sen.Ward P
Sen. Will P
Sen. King P
Sen. Lusted P
Sen. McDonald P
Sen. Russell P
Sen. Williams P
Sen. Boudreaux P
Sen. Kohrs P
Sen. Rougely P
Sen.Tan P
Sen. Harrell P
Sen. Monette P
Sen. Nguyen P
Sen. Stuart P
Secretary Lang P
Treasurer Ehricht P
VPIA Hills P
President Lavan P

TOTALS Present 23 Absent 0 Excused
Approval of the Minutes:
Senator King-line 64 should read ďLike when CAB came before us earlier in the semester when they came for their first conferenceĒ
Senator King says that ďRHA and CAB benefit the student body just as much if not more because their events all year longĒ
Minutes approved
II Officer Reports
a. Secretary Lang- Calendar of Events, check this calendar over and add things and Advisor Delaney and I will compile a list and get you a copy next week.
b. Treasurer Ehricht- I gave everyone an expense sheet. That is a negative number on the bottom where it says balance. We will receive most likely around the same amount we got last semester, but there is a possibility it could be a little less.
c. V.P. EA- I gave everyone a homecoming schedule of events. Look through them and see when you can help at events. We have paid for this and we have voted to put in our time. We are at the stage where we are submitting checks and contracts now. We have great shirts and giveaways. You can start spreading the word about the events now. He is working on digital media and physical advertisements. Some things might be subject to change due to possible location changes. We have voted to give money and MANPOWER we need to be there.
d. V.P. IA- Constitution and bylaws committee we will meet briefly after meeting. Did everyone get their voting links in their email? There have been some problems, but we will get them worked out.
e. President Lavan- none for now.

III Old Business

IV New Business
VPEA Cole moves to adopt Resolution 0506_13 Resolution to allocate $2,113.00 to Centenary Activities Board and Fighting Squirrel Productions in order to attend NACA National Conference in Boston, MA. Seconded by Senator Monette
-VPEA Cole reads the resolution
VPEA Cole yields time to Sarah Guillot, President of CAB
I wanted to give you an update from NACA central, we booked the homecoming comedian, we booked the comedian that we will be having before the FSP concert, we book two other bands, we saved a lot of money. The bands are Popular Genius, and Foreign Oren. This yearís conference was helpful, because we met some acts that we had never seen before. We won a lot of awards as well. We won the CAMP award, that means that all of our delegates talked to all the vendors and others and we were remembered well and that is why we won this award. This will yield price breaks.

VPEA Cole-I went to look for homecoming entertainment. We picked an opening comedian for our concert. There were benefits for FSP to be represented as well. We learned a lot for event planning. These things included how to better multitask with these events and how to keep it professional. Agents remember us for who we are. We are sending Barrett to Boston b/c he will get face to face time with our agent. This conference is twice as big as the regional conference. There are entertainment and educational opportunities.

Guillot- There will be a special session on Night programming, this will be helpful b/c we took over the What about you programs. The magnitude of this conference is beyond imagination. There are lectures, coffeehouses, big name bands, and contacts made. Itís a wonderful opportunity. The people who will go are Mary Ham and Allan Jogiel.

Senator King - How much money did you actually save by going to Tulsa.
Guillot- At least a few thousand dollars.
Senator King- By going to this you will get a discount as well?
VPEA Cole- It helps us to streamline planning as well.
Guillot- We see that we will enjoy them(the bands and other acts) and we get discounts
Senator Will- Why do you need to go to another NACA conference so soon?
Guillot- The timing isnít up to us. The range of acts presented here is completely different. The ed sessions here are professional at the National level. Also, the size of it is completely different. In the past we didnít send people, but we started sending people and we totally see an improvement.
VPEA Cole-Hands on from the professionals at the national level is key, thousands more people go to this one than to the regional conference.
Guillot- I met a group of students last year at National and I saw them again this year and we were able to compare ideas.
VPEA Cole- A big portion of it is meeting people and making the contacts.
Senator King- What is an ed session?
Guillot- It is when professionals or students will come in and explain how to run a conference, I would like to go to one, for example, called a womanís need to overachieve. There are also some others, for example: how to program on a small budget, how to appeal to diverse students.
VPEA Cole- We get benefits out of the Ed sessions through learning the time table. How to keep yourself on track, how to book the bands, how to properly negotiate.
Senator Rougely- You have already pretty much booked your year, why do you still need to go?
Guillot- CAB always books a semester in advance, so we will have a skeleton for the fall, we have to plan rapidly so that we donít have to compete with other organizations for facilities.
VPEA Cole- For FSP we do one thing a year and we work on that all year. Another thing that this will do is prepare Barrett for next year. We are a new organization so it will be priceless in its amount of information to us.
Advisor Delaney- Technically FSP did not send a representative to regional conference, if FSP were to choose a conference to go to, it would be the NATIONAL conference no the regional one, it just so happened that VPEA Cole is an FSP member as well
Guillot- This will prepare two of our members for next year.
Senator Will- When you go to these conferences, donít you get loads and loads of info?
Guillot- YES. We keep all of these things for future reference.
VPEA Cole-Itís all very well documented, the national conference is four days long and the regional conference is not that long. We see more things at the national level. The national level is much more important.

President Lavan moves to adopt Resolution 0506-14 Resolution to allocate $2000.00 to the Provostís Office for the purpose of helping to financially support The USA Today Collegiate Readership Program: Centenary College, seconded by Senator Monette
President Lavan reads resolution
Yields his time to Dr. Shelbourne

Shelbourne- This program was intiated by Mae Mouk. We ran a pilot program. It was established that this was something that was desired on this campus, by the shear pick up rate. USA today, the new york times, Shreveport times, subsidize this program, we get them below cost. They want us to start reading now so that we will buy them later in life. It is a mutually beneficial relationship. It costs about $12,000 a year. We have already paid that money for this year, because it is an upfront cost. We hope to begin a partnership between the Provostís office, SGA, dean of studentís office. (is that who he said) We hope that it will become and annual joint venture. It is assumed that the provostís office will bear the lionís share of the cost.

Senator Stuart has the results from a survey that was done. 674 students were surveyed. The percentages are representative. The total cost is $11,800

Senator Monette- Is this different from the pilot study?
That survey material is from the pilot program.
Senator Rougely- Was it always planned to ask for money from the SGA?
Shelbourne- We knew we would have to come back and ask for funds, b/c yaíll canít commit money past this academic year. We spend that money (the money allotted to the provostís office) on things only to benefit the students. Speakers, this program and others.
Senator Harrell- Where does the provost office get the money?
Shelbourne- Endowment attached to the liberal arts chair. And some comes from the general fund. When someone is given money in excess of the money they are given for their chair the money is attached to the chair that is spent in support of that chair. We have agreed that this is a worthwhile program and that the money that is attached to the liberal arts chair can go towards it.
Senator Russell-What is the total amount?
Shelbourne- $11,800, that amount is set by consumption. They find how many papers are used and deliver accordingly. And we pay in essence for what is used. The program is monitored.

V. Extra Business
Student Services Committee- This is an honor to be on this committee, you go over policies and get to vote on awards. Two of the positions have been named, we need to name two more, it is one senator from each class and Myself (Lavan).
Two new senators-Senator Nelson has transferred to University of North Texas, and Senator Fergurson has left us due to personal reasons. We are working on naming two new senators.
Voting- Video Games-we would like to add that it is for the SUB, and we left out air hockey
Treasurer Ehricht- Why canít we just go out and buy a PS2 that you could check out.
VPEA Cole- Senator Ward to clarify, we provided arcade games, we just had problem with the contractors.
Senator Tan- UNH and other schools, they have consoles in plexiglass boxes that can be unlocked by one key, we could do something like that
President Lavan- We were worried that vandalism would occur, but the wood box or plexiglass box would work.
Senator Boudreaux- Those are all things we can address later, but something like that would better be stationed at a smaller tv.
President Lavan- We wanted to put this in the Homecoming voting b/c a lot of people vote for homecoming and we thought this would reach a large number of students.
VPIA Hills- I can still have this added in by tomorrow.
Senator King- If we are going to add these, can you change your vote?
President Lavan- Some people wait to vote until the final round of voting, so we could wait and save that for Monday.

222-TAXI- it is not working correctly, I had a personal run in with that the week of finals, I donít want other students to have to go through what I had to go through, we will go to them face to face and talk about it. After we go and talk to them, it should be operating properly
SGA Approval- Someone wanted to use SGAís name without our approval, so we need to talk about things before someone putís our name on something. We need to agree about things before they are done.

The walls are plain in the SUB
Advisor Delaney- There is a plan in the works
MLK Holiday, itís a national holiday and we are still in school, do you think we should be in school?
Senator King- We should be out for Labor day as well, but we should get out on all of these national holidays
Senator Tan- In the past Labor day has been inconsistent.
President Lavan- Student Services committee has a say in what days we get off.
Senator Cook'- Is there a specific reason why we donít have it off.
President Lavan- We are not the only school that has school on MLK day, we have to have a number of days in schools and b/c of the length of breaks
Advisor Delaney- In terms of National holidays, we keep talking about these, but we donít get a whole lot of National holidays off, and you are definitely not the only school without that day off, we are talking about getting MLK day off for obvious reasons
Senator Will- I think we should definitely have the day off, I enjoyed the ceremony and I think we wouldnít have the ceremony if we had had class
Senator Tan- Any student can present the president a letter of confidence and they will be allowed to miss a class.
Treasurer Ehricht- I think that any holiday we donít get off, the caf and everything else should be open
Senator King- Do we get off for anything outside of breaks? Do we not get off those days b/c its not around a break?
Advisor Delaney- I want to give you some food for thought, if you want a day off b/c you want a day off, thatís crap. If you want to do something else on that day like a service project then you are founded in wanting it off. If not you have no right to ask for it off.
Secretary Lang- I second what Delaney says.
Senator Hafer- I donít think we should have it off, b/c those add up and I donít want to be here until the end of June.
Senator King- Would we take off a day from another break to get off that day?
Senator Tan-When you bring it forth to student services, can we discuss whether we would like to do something campus wide, to show we donít want to slack off.

Senator Monette- List serve- I finally got in contact with the pertinent people, I talked to Jennifer about things, she gave me a list of students she has classified by classes. The freshmen classes are divided into two groups and these groups arenít updated after the first semester, so that causes a problem with communication. There were problems with replying back to us and a whole lot of other problemsÖ..i want to do what is best with our communication
Senator King- We could fix this by having a website. What happened to having this?
Senator Monette- IT has been wonderful!!!
Senator Liddell- I know when they send globals, they specify who itís for. We could put it in the subject line.
Senator Will- We could just send out one email.
Senator Rougely- Are there enough people in the F2 group to cause problems?
Senator Monette- Yes. And itís not just that group.
Senator Tan- With Senator Liddellís idea in putting it in the subject line, it makes sense to put that, but anyone who is not a freshman they are forced to get another email. When we first brought it up it would have theoretically worked, but it wonít. so should we discuss other options?
Secretary Lang- Why donít we send out one email with everyone having a different section and they can just scroll down to their secition
Treasurer Ehricht- Are we really that lazy that we canít delete? Itís a click, but is it really that obnoxious???
Senator King- I think if we have one email from SGA you can scroll down to your class that would work
Senator Monette- itís not that hard to just delete one email
Senator Williams- Letís leave it to the committee
Senator Tan- Iím sorry I stirred up the beeís nest about emails!
President Lavan to Senator Monette- We need to get a new webpage, can you talk to Michael Futreal about how they are coming with the webpage issues.%

VI. Open Forum

Senator Stuart- nothing
Senator Harrell- nothing
Senator Monette- Being a senior sucks
Senator Nguyen- nothing
Senator Williams- I am making a dance for the fight song
Senator McDonald- I talked to my organizations, now JHC meetings are on Mondays, College republicans are meeting tomorrow, going to oxford for 6 weeks
Senator Lusted-
Senator King- I sat by Jude Law at the movies, he smelled like cigarettes and alcohol
Senator Russell%'- Tomorrow night we are making record bowls at 7:30
Senator Will- I made the SGA comment boxes, they are in my car, I will put them out this week, I made ambassador!!!
Senator Hafer- Go Steelers
Senator Ward- nothing
Senator Liddell- Iíve had a horrible time this semester
Senator Cook- World religion Day is Sunday the 22nd its going to be really awesome!!! 1-6 at the highland center
Senator Tan- This past weekend the new England patriots did not show up to the game, they were going for the first time to get three in a row, but they were Ö..Jesus has become JudasÖ.My brother is coming in 15 days, my brother is 8 inches taller than me, I am now the shortest in the family, boston Celtics won, gents won, first time we were put first in the line up on channel 3 line up, tentative date for our poker tournament is april 8
Senator Kohrs- The alumni are sponsoring a greek football game that is usually the TKE alumni/active game
Senator Boudreaux- Ö.
Senator Rougely- I donít know if you have heard about some of the comments that Mayor Nagin said, he said there were comments to the effect that God wanted the hurricane to hitÖand that he wanted to make new Orleans a chocolate city
Advisor Delaney- Blood Drive Bus will be in the parking lot from 11-4, the mudbugs are playing this Friday, College Bowl is coming up, Iím really excited that senator Hafer had something to say
Secretary Lang- I turn twenty one next week!!
Advisor Chirhart-
Treasurer Ehricht- Last night I went to take a nap, and woke up to my toilet overflowing for like 2 hoursÖsorry to all who smelled that. I have a planner now, and Iíve never really had one before, Iím happy for myself
V.P. EA Cole- Planners are cool until you lose them. Bring schedules for next week to sign up for more times. Conglomerate will come out next week. There will be some homecoming things in it. They have some money, picked up two more writers, talking to someone from Newsweek about a grant. Make sure your organizations know about organizational packet for homecoming, they can contact me to get one! Greek football, its always listed as that, it is traditionally TKE. David and I went to a bachelor party over the break. David hit a dog and it was gross it stuck to the car, had to call animal control.
V.P. IA Hills- Senator King I would like to know those professors names. To defend a little bit of what mayor N. said Iím sure he explained himself but the media put a spin on it.
President Lavan- Reads a letter from senator NelsonÖ

VPEA Cole moves to adjourn and Senator Russell secondsÖ