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Student Government Association

Senate Meeting Minutes

January 31, 2006

I. Attendance
1. Call to order
Meeting called to order at 8:03pm

Senator Attendance
Sen. Cook P
Sen.Hafer P
Sen.Liddell P
Sen.Ward P
Sen. Will P
Sen. King P
Sen. Lusted P
Sen. McDonald P
Sen. Russell P
Sen. Williams P
Sen. Boudreaux P
Sen. Burnom P
Sen. Kohrs P
Sen. Rougely P
Sen. Scanlan P
Sen. Argue P
Sen. Harrell P
Sen. Monette P
Sen. Nguyen P
Sen. Stuart P
Secretary Lang P
Treasurer Ehricht P
VPIA Hills A, excused
President Lavan P

TOTALS Present 24 Absent 1 Excused 1
Approval of the Minutes:
Minutes from January 24, 2006 were passed as is
II Officer Reports
a. Secretary Lang- Talk slowly and loudly during meeting please so that I can get what you say correctly.
b. Treasurer Ehricht- $10, 664.81 is what we have in our budget for the semester.
c. V.P. EA Cole- Homecoming week has gotten off to a great start. The new senators need to sit down and talk about some things for a little bit after meeting.
d. V.P. IA- (absent)
e. President Lavan- February 9th is the Board of Trustees Luncheon is at noon in the SDH, dress nicely, email Connie Harbuck and tell her that you are going. There will be no media report tonight. We will be wearing our polos on Thursday and Saturday all day. We are wearing them Thursday to Founderís Day Convo and Morning call.
-The new senators introduce themselves. They are sworn in.

III Old Business
Senator Monette moves to take Resolution 0506_15 Resolution to allocate $505.00 to Adam Philley and Cory Olson to attend the American Choral Director Association (ACDA) Regional Conference in Charleston, West Virginia
off the table, Seconded by Senator Cook
Senator Boudreaux- I think this is a reasonable amount and they have raised money and asked other places for it too.
Senator King calls to question and Senator King seconds
||Senator|| Vote
||Sen. Cook|| Y
||Sen.Hafer|| Y
||Sen.Liddell|| Y
||Sen.Ward|| Y
||Sen. Will|| Y
||Sen. King|| Y
||Sen. Lusted|| Y
||Sen. McDonald|| Y
||Sen. Russell|| Y
||Sen. Williams|| Y
||Sen. Boudreaux|| Y
||Sen. Burnom|| Y
||Sen. Kohrs|| Y
||Sen. Rougely|| Y
||Sen. Scanlan|| Y
||Sen. Argue|| Y
||Sen. Harrell|| Y
||Sen. Monette|| A
||Sen. Nguyen|| Y
||Sen. Stuart|| Y
||Secretary Lang|| Y
||Treasurer Ehricht|| Y
||VPEA Cole|| Y
||VPIA Hills|| A
||President Lavan||
Motion passes Y 22 N 0 A 2

Senator Nguyen moves to pull Resolution 0506_16 Resolution to allocate $1000.00 to the Escaped Images Dance Company to Attend the American College Dance Festival Association Conference in Ausin, TX off the table, seconded by Senator Monette
Senator Nguyen- I think that we should give them what they are asking for, because they raised a lot of money for this on their own and are only asking for ¼ of the cost.
Called to question by Senator Monette and Seconded by Senator Cook

Senator Vote
Sen. Cook Y
Sen.Hafer Y
Sen.Liddell Y
Sen.Ward Y
Sen. Will Y
Sen. King Y
Sen. Lusted Y
Sen. McDonald Y
Sen. Russell Y
Sen. Williams Y
Sen. Boudreaux Y
Sen. Burnom Y
Sen. Kohrs Y
Sen. Rougely Y
Sen. Scanlan Y
Sen. Argue Y
Sen. Harrell Y
Sen. Monette Y
Sen. Nguyen Y
Sen. Stuart Y
Secretary Lang Y
Treasurer Ehricht Y
VPIA Hills A
President Lavan Motion passes Y 23 N 0 A 1

Senator Rougely moves to take Resolution 0506_17 Resolution to allocate $932.00 to the Ultimate Frisbee team to attend the Mardi Gras Ultimate Tournament in Baton Rouge, Louisiana off the table, seconded by Senator Harrell

Senator Kohrs- This is money we gave to them already, they didnít get to go, letís give it back to them
Senator Will- I donít know if we should give $932 to a hobby
Senator Harrell- I think we should fund things like this, this is their first tournament
Senator Will- They didnít fundraise at all.
Senator Kohrs- This gets our name out there.
Senator Liddell calls to question seconded by senator Monettte

Senator Vote
Sen. Cook Y
Sen.Hafer Y
Sen.Liddell N
Sen.Ward Y
Sen. Will N
Sen. King Y
Sen. Lusted Y
Sen. McDonald Y
Sen. Russell Y
Sen. Williams Y
Sen. Boudreaux Y
Sen. Burnom Y
Sen. Kohrs Y
Sen. Rougely A
Sen. Scanlan A
Sen. Argue A
Sen. Harrell Y
Sen. Monette Y
Sen. Nguyen Y
Sen. Stuart Y
Secretary Lang Y
Treasurer Ehricht Y
VPIA Hills
President Lavan Passes Y 18 N 2 A 3

IV New Business
Senator Boudreaux moves to adopt Resolution 0506_18 Resolution to allocate $446.50 to Juggling Club to fund new equipment, Seconded by VPEA Cole
*senator Boudreaux reads the resolution

The juggling club is fairly new, so Nicole is trying to establish the club on campus, she is a junior so she will only be here one more year and once she leaves we wonít have equipment. Her equipment is not advanced enough. We are working with things that we find around. We are being asked to do stuff for campus community and the Shreveport Community. We are attending a conference in april so we will get Centís name out. We donít even have enough equipment for us all to use. The cost is a good cost. They are of good quality. They are well priced.
Senator Boudreaux- Nicole wants to try to fundraise. They need items to perform with to fundraise so that it will look professional.
Senator Monette- How many people are interested in going on the tournament.
Allan-There are a lot of people who have expressed interest. Half a dozen have signed up.
Treasurer Ehricht- Where will the new equipment be stored
Allan- It will be stored with the president of the club?
President Lavan- Can we keep it stored somewhere more public than that
Senator Boudreaux- I donít even know if they have a bank account.
Senator Harrell- I would like to know what the ideal number of clubs is.
Allan- Three sets of balls and four sets of clubs we are also working on passing, we are asking for less than we actually need
Senator Ward- They gave us a breakdown of what they need.
Senator Hafer- If you guys do a fundraiser what would that go towards
Allan- So we can get more props and go more places
Senator Rougely- I donít know a lot about juggling, is $6 for balls a lot?
Allan- We have one set of tennis balls right now, the ones we want, they are higher quality balls.
Senator Boudreaux- I think they are more like hackey sacks and have to be sewn so that they do not dismantle.
Senator Monette- Where are they buying it from
Senator Boudreaux- Itís in the resolution.
Senator Russell- What was the interest in the juggling club at open house?
Allan- 10
Senator Lusted- Is there someone in mind to take over after Nicole leaves
Allan- She is trying to set it up so that it does not fall through
Senator Burnom- Have you tried to raise money for these supplies at all?
Allan- As of right now, no, b/c the props we have now are not impressive.
Alex- They believe once we have the good props we can go out into the community and bring interest in, we were actually in the Shreveport times once

Senator Stuart moves to adopt resolution Resolution 0506_19 Resolution to allocate $2250 to FCA to attend the Annual Louisiana College Athlete Retreat at Camp Bethany Feb. 10-12
reads the resolution
yields time to Kelly Waterhouse
I want to thank you for supporting FCA in the past and allowing us to go last year. Props on homecoming itís going awesome. FCA is the fellowship of Christian athletes. Itís an amazing place to plug in and be yourself.
*the senate views an FCA video
In the past we didnít have a lot but in the past two years we had the most attendance with 30. we have a list of students who want to go. In the magazine you can read about our club. That is a national magazine. So our campus name has gone all over the nation. It is an amazing experience. I want to thank you and tell you how awesome it would be if you give us this money. (introduces Andy Stroope)

Senator King- Are gay Christians allowed to be involved and be themselves?
Kelly- Everyone is totally welcome to come to this retreat.
Senator Argue- Do we have a price breakdown?
Kelly- Itís $75 per person times 30 people.
Senator Stuart- They are driving themselves and housing is included in the cost. Itís just one fee for a group of 30 people,
President Lavan- How does the price break down? Can we get that form next week?
Senator Russell- How many people are signed up?
Kelly- 26, a lot of teams are in season right now
Senator Scanlan- has any outside fundraising been done?
Stroope- I know how hard it is to get the money, it costs us about $1000 a semester to run FCA, I sent out fundraising letters last Thursday. The $75 isnít even the whole price. We will cap the price we are asking for at the 2250, even if more people sign up.
Senator Kohrs- Do you have the amount we gave last year?
Senator Russell- we gave them $1800 last year.
Senator Cook- How much is it total per person cost?
Stroope- It cost $100 per person.
Senator Argue- Is there any fundraising going on by the students?
Stroope%'- I feel god has put me here partially so that the students donít have to pay any money or fundraise money.

VPEA Cole moves to adopt Resolution 0506_20 Resolution to charter the Polski Klub (Polish Club) at Centenary College of Louisiana, seconded bye Senator Monette
VPEA Cole reads resolution
Yields time to the Alex

I have met a lot of interest in the polish culture since I got here. I wanted to make it a club to make it more official. It will add diversity to our campus. I have actually started teaching a couple people basic Polish. A lot of people just donít know anything about the Polish culture. I think it would benefit the student population to enlighten them about other parts of the world.
Senator King- How long are you here for?
Alex- For the entire four years
Secretary Lang- Would you hold weekly meetings?
Alex- We would probably hold a weekly meeting, polish food day, show some movies
Senator King- Would you come back to the SGA and ask for money to go to Poland?
Alex- The intercultural experience should support the other parts of Europe.
Senator Liddell- After you leave do you have any idea of how it would continue.
Alex- there are other polish students on campus right now so maybe there will be more here and more to come to keep it going. Or maybe someone from the club could continue it. I think it can be organized even if it is not here
Senator Will- How will you try to fund it?
Alex- Maybe sell some food on polish food day, we probably wonít need much money.
Advisor Chirhart- Is there polish community in Shreveport/bossier?
Alex- I donít think itís very organized.
Senator Lusted- I wonder if you had idea of student interest?
Alex- at least 6 or 7 people have shown interest. Up to 10 or 12.

Senator Stuart moves to adopt Resolution 0506_21 Resolution to allocate $190 to Diya Surie to attend the Southeastern Undergraduate Sociology Symposium 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia at Emory University, seconded by Treasurer Ehricht.
reads the resolution
yields time to Diya

Diya Surie- I would like to go present this senior research paper I have been working on.
Senator Nguyen-Can we hear more about your research?
Diya- I gathered a lot of data from doctors and nurses at two hospitals I wanted to know difference in the way they interacted with patients. Health care is still treated as a commondity. Class ideology permeates the way different patients are treated. %;%;
Senator Monette- The resolution says that you will be amongst other students and schools how many are represented
Diya- at least Morehouse and Emory, Iím guessing quite a few
Senator Argue- Are you planning to further your education?
Diya- I just applied for a fellowship around health care policy.

V. Extra Business

We went there yesterday, they are back on board and fully supported. I need two senators to work with me to get the publicity back out. This program has been going on for a long time. It is to be used in two ways. For our students if they are at a drinking establishment and they are drunk and they need to be taken home they can call 222-TAXI and for free they will bring them to campus or their home. The other way it is used if you get a flat tire and need to get somewhere in an emergency you can get a ride back to campus.

I need at least one senator to help Liz our conglomerate writer b/c she is sick. We donít want what happened last week to happen again. I would rather have nothing than something that is completely wrong. (Senator Scanlan will help)

I need some senators to pass out programs at founders day convocation.

Senator Russell, senator liddell, senator Williams, senator will, senator rougely

Homecoming event tomorrow is watching Hoosiers. We need to be RESPONSIBLE when it comes to liaison forms!!!!!!!! You need to turn in liaison forms on the 21st of next month. Carbon Copy me on any emails you send to your organizations.

If you want campus life to get better and for students to be excited it is within your power to do it!

Monetteís Report- I contacted Futreal about websites. He said when we find someone to do the website we can get them training and the webspace for us. So we need someone to volunteer to do this. Senator Cook has volunteered to do this.

VI. Open Forum

Senator Stuart- I would like to apologize for all of the confusion with the FCA forms. I%ím a victim of 222-TAXI and you need to make it clear that they need to have a sticker on the back of their ID card.
Senator Harrell- The reason why the FedEx place didnít ship it is because they suck. The first book by Dr. Michelle Wolkomir is out.
Senator Monette- Can you substitute the Gender studies fair for the research forum? Now my story. Iím applying to seminary and I waited til the last minute to last minute the forms. I had a friend write something at the bottom of my paper that was totally inappropriate and I sent it. I freaked out when I found out it was on there. My mom is the greatest ever and called FedEx and we finally got to the place and got them off the truck and everything is ok.
Senator Argue- This has been really interesting. I was not able to go to the basketball game. I had a lot of people complain that people couldnít find the person who was taking names for the organizations.
Senator Nguyen- I also just had all of my applications sent off to dental school. Iím taking the dental admissions test on Thursday. Thanks for passing the Escaped images.
Senator Williams- For Up-til-Dawn we raised over $150. I really need you all to be at the pep rally on Saturday. Will anyone be willing to wear a southern belle dress for a mascot. For open house, were we ever addressed to be there?
Senator McDonald- I have liaison forms for January. The homecoming shirts are amazing and I think that all wearing them on Monday was a great idea.
Senator Lusted- I think the slap bracelets were a great idea and I would like to thank the SGA for passing the resolution for Cory and Adam to go.
Senator King- welcome to the new senators, chris doesnít yell at us at every meeting.
Senator Russell- We said that we do the Escaped Images every year and I couldnít find it. State of the Union is going on right now. We are taping it. Homecoming is really fun.
Senator Will-
Senator Hafer-
Senator Ward-
Senator Liddell- Nothing
Senator Cook- I have my first Otto paper due on Monday.
Senator Burnom- Last night I was there before the game passing out tattoos. My little brothers love tattoos. So I gave them a tattoo and they wore it to school.
Senator Scanlan- Iím happy to be here even though you yelled at us.
Senator Kohrs- No bylaws meeting on Friday.%%
Senator Boudreaux- Fear not we missed the state of the union but the good version will be on the daily show all week.
Senator Rougely- When I was doing research for the homecoming committee. I found and intramural team that was the KKK team. They beat the sigs by two. I have a lot of fun here and I take my job seriously. I felt like I was misled and that I was told what I would be doing with my job.
Advisor Delaney- Go seahawks!!!
Secretary Lang- Have respect for each other. Realize how important the SGA is or should be to the students and have some pride in this organization.
Advisor Chirhart- Go steelers!!!
Treasurer Ehricht- This open forum has been run horribly. If someone is speaking, other people donít need to be called upon. If things need to be said. Chris I was in the CAF earlier and I realized it was your birthday and I wanted to get the caf members to sing you happy birthday.
V.P. EA Cole- To paraphrase Dr. Laboreís response to having his picture on the signs for homecoming ďonce a stud always a studĒ Iím pretty butchÖyou know.
V.P. IA Hills- not here
Kohrs moves to extend meeting by 5 minutes
President Lavan- Homecoming, i had a lot of facebook messages and wall posts, you have all been fantastic about wishing me happy birthday. We need two more people to go to COSGA, Senator Scanlan and Senator Russell(maybe) I believe in you guys and I donít want you to take me fussing at you the wrong way. If I didnít say anything then it shows you that I donít care about you or this school. I want you to step up. If any of you have a problem with me then I want you to come and talk to me about it. Do not leave this room.

Vpea Cole moves to adjourn, Senator Russell seconds