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Student Government Association

Senate Meeting Minutes

March 21, 2006

I. Attendance
1. Call to order
Meeting called to order at 8:07

Senator Attendance
Sen. Cook P
Sen.Hafer P
Sen.Liddell P
Sen.Ward P
Sen. Will A, unexcused
Sen. King A, unexcused
Sen. Lusted P
Sen. McDonald P
Sen. Russell A, unexcused
Sen. Williams P
Sen. Boudreaux P
Sen. Kohrs P
Sen. Rougely P
Sen. Scanlan P
Sen. Argue P
Sen. Harrell P
Sen. Monette P
Sen. Nguyen P
Sen. Stuart P
Secretary Lang P
Treasurer Ehricht P
VPIA Hills P
President Lavan P

TOTALS Present 21 Absent 3 Excused 0
Approval of the Minutes:
Minutes from March 14, 2006 were passed;;
II Officer Reports
a. Secretary Lang- Do resolutions correctly please, and be a liaison.
b. Treasurer Ehricht- $2,460.44.
c. V.P. EA Cole- This Thursday at the Student Services Comm. Meeting I will be presenting a guide to help streamline student organizational information. It helps better the organization of organizations. It will be streamlined especially for the Student Life office and for the Student Government Association. Itís a 19 page document. And I think we have to go to Board of Trustees for it. Alcohol committee we will meet this week.
d. V.P. IA- EC elections for SGA will be April 3-7. Petitions are due March 31. The second week after EC elections we will have senate elections
e. President Lavan- none for now.

III Old Business

IV New Business
Secretary Lang moves to adopt Resolution 0506_31 Resolution to allocate $2500.00 to help fund the NACURH attendance of future RHA executive council members, the RA staff, the National Residence Hall Honorary and their advisor.
Secretary Lang reads the resolution
-Yields time to Laura Pryor, National Communications Coordinator for RHA
Pryor- We are a powerhouse within our region. This conference allows us to go learn about new programs. We have $5000 for each semester; we are willing to put up 40% of our budget to go towards this trip. We are only asking for a portion of the budget. We are already driving to Houston to cheapen the tickets. And we already got a deal on the ticket through the conference. It gives good EC training. We will be voting on a lot of national topics too. Everyone going has impacted the residence life of our campus and will continue to. We have representation that will be going to a lot of different types of informational meetings.
Senator Harrell- When is the new EC selected?
Pryor- They were selected last week.
Senator Ward- Have any of these people been before?
Pryor- I think Maggie is the only one.
Secretary Lang- Is your EC required to go?
Senator Stuart- Where is the remaining money from?
Pryor- Different sources and our own fundraising
Advisor Delaney- Is Kevinís cost included
Senator Stuart- It mentions all the ideas that have come from this trip, but it seems like you mention the same things every time.
Pryor- For each 3 delegates you have to present one program
Senator Hafer- Has anything happened with the laundry issue?
Pryor- Itís pending..
President Lavan- Who is your new president?
Pryor-Maggie Mahoney
President Lavan- you are asking for more money than we have
Senator Stuart- How much of your money will remain in your budget if you spend $2000.
Pryor- Not sure
Senator Stuart- Can you find out how much money is left in your budget?
Senator Ward- What did you bring back last year?
Mahoney- I wasnít here last semester, but you do go to a lot of presentations about how to build yourself up from within, and how to do better publicity, and there are a lot of good programs, it will give us ideas about what we can do for the issues that we have on our campus.
Senator Argue- Is Centenary being publicized as being in attendance?
Pryor- Yes and we will be able to develop contacts so we can find out about what is going on at other schools

Senator Stuart moves to adopt Resolution 0506_30 Resolution to allocate $350.00 to provide a band for the Up Til Dawn event seconded by Treasurer Ehricht
-Senator Stuart reads the resolution
Senator Williams- I know we havenít had a large finale event. Nationals encourages us to do a true Up til Dawn Event. It will be til Midnight and we think a live band will encourage people to stay. The theme is ďup til dawn around the worldĒ. I think the band would benefit this event a lot.
Senator Monette- How much is your budget?
Senator Williams- $800
Treasurer Ehricht- Did you ask CAB for any collateral planning?
Senator Williams- No
President Lavan- Why donít you talk to them sometime this week
Advisor Delaney- Who is your advisor?
Senator Williams-Jonathan Ferrell
Advisor Delaney- It says that you plan on having inflatables there?
Senator Williams- Senator Stuart has a friend who has one
Advisor Delaney- You might want to talk to Zeke about insurance stuff
'%Senator Williams- I have already.

V. Extra Business
Media Comm. Meeting-
It went really well. We have really solved 3 of the 4 problems we have had. The media committee has become an equal part in student affairs. We have come up with an easier way for us to support them and communicate with them.
We have created a media update form. We will get a copy of it to all of the senators when they fill it out. It makes it easier on them, b/c they donít have to come to meeting. April 7th will be our first deadline for them to turn that in. It will be the first and only time for this semester.
We will also have a financial form to allow for more communication that way. It will have all of their financial information on it. And it will say how they will receive their money. It says if they donít use the rest of their budget it will roll over to us.
The last thing that we are going to work on is to talk to Dr. Colson about getting some kind of benefit or incentive for faculty advisors for organizations on our campus. We are considering having a tiered system where you organize the organizations based on how much work an advisor would have to put in. there has been a problem with having faculty advisors who donít stay involved with the organizations they agree to help with or just donít have time.

Prep Week Change
Senator Argue- Several of the people we talked to didnít realize it was the middle of the week, they all thought it was at the beginning.
Senator Hafer- the biggest issue some people we had was FCA. Some wanted to still have it.
Senator Monette- Doesnít the policy give a loophole that you can get permission for the meeting even after the deadline (Yes)
Senator Ward- Iím with Senator Argue, a lot of people didnít really know.

Diversity committee
We want to promote unity among students, student organizations, and faculty even President Schwab involved, we want one member of several different organizations involved. We want to decide if we want a forum or an educational session. As an SGA committee we were leaning towards an educational session. We will decide about what topics we want to cover. We would like to have it in Kilpatrick. We want to promote acceptance rather than tolerance. We want to have a campus wide event to promote this too.
Senator Monette- Have something like dead for a day, like where everyone will see it.

Senator Liddell- We should have a board that would publicize the program. If you have any ideas of how it would look, just give them to me.
Senator Ward- What is the board for?
President Lavan- Publicity and how to use it a program description
Senator Boudreaux- We are going to design some kind of sticker and see if Kinkoís or Office Depot can print them and you can put in on the back of peopleís ids
Senator Kohrs- When are we going to do this? Because we kind of need to do a new one really soon, or wait til next year
President Lavan- We need a temporary fix, it will have an expiration date on it.
Treasurer Ehricht- Can we give some to DPS so when people get a new one they have it on there
Senator Harrell- Does it work over the summer?
President Lavan- No.

Bylaws change
Basically this is what we already what we do, we just wanted to put it in writing. It allows for room to change the numbers. Right now it is only known by the treasurer which is kind of sketchy. We would like to potentially add Fighting Squirrels to this. Each group is receiving a .5% of each groupís budget.
Senator Harrell- Is there going to a be a more efficient checks and balances system with the medias.
Senator Monette- You said the money that is not spent it will get back to the general budget. Is there a cut-off for the time that they have to use it? Who gets to use it?
Treasurer Ehricht- It wouldnít happen until the end of the summer, b/c many groups have bills to be paid. The roll over goes to the office budget. Like this year we used it to pay for discount cards.
President Lavan- Where did you get 3% from?
VPEA Cole- FSP came together 3 years ago and now we are brining Better Than Ezra to campus. Two years ago we came to the student government then and we wanted to get 3% then, and they decided that it would be better to give us $9000, so we want 3%. It was about time to get written into the student fees.
Senator Cook- Is FSP going to be a media?
Treasurer Ehricht- Their head wouldnít be paid.
Senator Ward- Do they just do the one concert?
VPEA Cole- We do one show a year. But it takes a year to do it.

Treasurer Ehricht- I move to adopt these revisions, Senator Monette seconds
Senator Ward- I like the idea of giving them the extra money.
The section that Treasurer Ehricht added to the revision is worded as the following:
4. All student fees shall roll bock to the SGA Salaries and Supplies at the end of the academic year less any outstanding bills for that year.

Bullet award-Senators vote for a senator who has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

VI. Open Forum

Senator Stuart- This weekend my fraternity went down to New Orleans for our regional conference, and we got 2 of the 4 awards they give out.
Senator Harrell- The men of Tau Kappa Epsilon found me worthy enough to be their sweetheart.
Senator Monette- Friday at 1 for the gender studies conferenceÖ.you can come to one thing without paying for it
Senator Argue- It took me two hours to go through all of the maroon jacket applications
Senator Nguyen-
Senator Williams-
Senator McDonald- I missed Senators Russell and King
Senator Lusted- Concert at 8pm on Sunday, this Friday night is Choir Formal.
Senator King-
Liz Delcamp- There is going to be an April Foolís edition, at end of semester Iím transferring to UTA
Senator Russell-
Senator Will-
Senator Hafer-
Senator Ward-
Senator Liddell- I just took a test and I think I did really really well on it.
Senator Cook-
Senator Scanlan- none
Senator Kohrs- none
Senator Boudreaux- blows kiss to president Lavan
Senator Rougely- I have one class a day for three days a week
Advisor Delaney- CAB would appreciate it that I pass along that it is spring fling
Secretary Lang- I hate physical chemistry. If you have a blender can we use it for Club in the Sub?
Advisor Chirhart-
Treasurer Ehricht- I have a full course load next semester, we had RCB this weekend and had a freaking blast, from what I remember I had fun
V.P. EA Cole- Thank you so much for including FSP in the bylaws, we will all really appreciate that, BUY YOUR tickets. I need to find a job, b/c I donít think Iím going to get into Law School, if you hear of anything well paid and you know, just let me know. Yay for graduationÖ
V.P. IA Hills- P Cole stay positive man. I have been gone a lot lately. At 3 oclock today I found out that I got full tuition and room and board and a stipend for three years of study from Garrett
President Lavan- I have a selfish goal right now to say that we helped more students than past SGAs. I want to pass 37 resolutions. Charter weekend is April 8th. I have regional conference for my fraternity this weekend.

Senator Ward moves to adjourn Senator Stuart seconds