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Student Government Association

Senate Meeting Minutes

November 1, 2005

I. Attendance
1. Call to order
Meeting called to order at 8:03
||Senator|| Attendance
||Sen. Cook|| Late, Excused
||Sen.Hafer|| P
||Sen.Liddell|| P
||Sen.Ward|| P
||Sen. Will|| P
||Sen. King|| P
||Sen. Lusted|| P
||Sen. McDonald|| P
||Sen. Russell|| P
||Sen. Williams|| Late, excused
||Sen. Boudreaux|| P
||Sen. Kohrs|| P
||Sen. Nelson|| P
||Sen. Rougely|| P
||Sen.Tan|| P
||Sen. Furgerson|| Absent, Excused
||Sen. Harrell|| Absent
||Sen. Monette|| Late, excused
||Sen. Nguyen|| P
||Sen. Stuart|| P
||Secretary Lang|| P
||Treasurer Ehricht|| P
||VPEA Cole|| P
||VPIA Hills|| P
||President Lavan|| P

TOTALS Present 23 Absent 2 Excused 1

II Officer Reports
a. Secretary Lang- I brought candy.
b. Treasurer Ehricht- $12,449.92
c. V.P. EA- Liaison forms are due Nov. 14, Go to one of their meetings between now and then. Let them know that we are here to work for them. i.e. we have money if they need it. Homecoming committee will be discussing themes.
d. V.P. IA- No new bylaw revisions this week.
e. President Lavan- Nothing for now.

Conglomerate Report-
Editor-in Chief- Roxie Smith
The Conglomerate has grown size wise. We have received a lot of compliments. Number of writers fluxuates. We have many steady writers, pick one up every Friday. Issue 7 comes out this Friday. $515 comes out this week.
VPEA Cole- Circulation is really good this year.
Senator Boudreaux- I like the paper.
Senator Liddell- I took notice of some articles of in the paper that have had racist comments. I think articles should be reviewed better.
Editor Smith- If you have any questions let me know. I can print anything within reason in a letter to the editor. I would like to know what it was specifically.
President Lavan- I think the paper is really good. People are reading it. The op/ed pieces have been a little this way and that way. Thanks for letting people have their voices heard.
Senator Russell- I like the article every week by Nick Rougely.
Senator Russell- I love the lexicon for pimps.
Editor Smith- Thanks I will pass that on to Erin.
Secretary Lang- Itís good.
Editor Smith- We wrote a proposal to the Muses, because we need some improvements. I want to leave with it easier to manage for next year.

III Old Business
Senator King moves to take off the table Resolution 0506_08 Resolution to allocate $600 to Philosophy Discussion Group to Fund Meetings. Senator Lusted seconds
Senator King- I think this money is going to be put to good use. They go to PieWorks, because some of them like the vegetarian pizza and they do a strictly vegetarian pizza. This is all the money they are going to need/ask for all year.%2%3
Senator Tan calls to question, Senator Russell seconds
Vote on allocating $600 to PDG
||Senator|| Vote
||Sen. Cook|| Absent (late, excused)
||Sen.Hafer|| Y
||Sen.Liddell|| Y
||Sen.Ward|| N
||Sen. Will|| N
||Sen. King|| Y
||Sen. Lusted|| Y
||Sen. McDonald|| Y
||Sen. Russell|| Y
||Sen. Williams|| Absent (late, excused)
||Sen. Boudreaux|| A
||Sen. Kohrs|| Y
||Sen. Nelson|| Y
||Sen. Rougely|| N
||Sen.Tan|| Y
||Sen. Furgerson|| Absent
||Sen. Harrell|| Absent
||Sen. Monette|| Absent (late, excused)
||Sen. Nguyen|| Y
||Sen. Stuart|| Y
||Secretary Lang|| Y
||Treasurer Ehricht|| Y
|%7|VPEA Cole|| Y
||VPIA Hills|| Y
||President Lavan|| -
Motion Passes 15 Y 3 N 1A
IV New Business
President Lavan- We need to have new business. We have money we need to give money to the students. We need to go out and make sure that organizations know that this is a resource to them. This money is for them. We shouldnít have any more meetings with no new business.
V. Extra Business
This weekend there is another Open House with an organization fair, we want to be there again. We got positive feedback from it. We need six people to do it. Itís on Saturday.
The SGA office needs to be used. We have a wonderful office that just sits there and we need to use it. We have increased visibility and this would be a wonderful way to add to that. We talked about having committee meetings there, if you are representing an organization write it in the office. The computer will now stay in the office. You can study there. Suggestion box. Any other comments?
Senator Tan- I have used it to study before and people will walk by and talk to me. People ask about it and if they can be in meetings in there. Yes they can.
Senator Ward- Have certain hours that we all have a shift. One day.
President Lavan- We have tried office hours before, but I didnít want to impose on your schedules any more.
Senator Liddell- Itís going to be tight to meet in there with all those people.
President Lavan- As soon as we use the office, the feeling of it being a cubicle will go away.
VPEA Cole- Homecoming Committee for example we are too large to meet in the office. We want to say within reason.
Advisor Delaney- Were you talking about one day, or one day a week.
Senator Ward- One day a week.
Senator Tan- I just know that my schedule is really hectic, but if we can have this it would work. If other people have time that works. Itís not fair to have the same people everytime.
Senator Monette- If we are going to focus on our visibility, I would like to see us do more forums. I donít think students will stop by the office.
Senator Stuart- I agree. Is it locked during the day. Would we contact the EC?
President Lavan- You can contact Shannon. Sheís in the office downstairs.
Senator Stuart- I donít think that is an efficient use of time.
Senator Russell- Can we get a key in the student life office?
Advisor Delaney- DPS wanted to minimize the keys. The issue with having a spare key is that there is no one liable.
Senator Tan- Is there a phone number to the office?
Advisor Delaney-Yes. The office has a phone number.

Face Publicity is getting taken care of. You all did a good job at Halloween Hoopla.
Whatís next?
Senator Monette- 3
Senator King-2 b
Senator Ward- Maybe we can work on getting class meetings together.
Senator Liddell- Getting the mascot
President Lavan- I will ask athletic director about this.
Senator Lusted- 3 a
Treasurer Ehricht- Best Seat in the House
Senator Tan- To go off of what Lori said, the list serve could be an easy one too.
President Lavan- 2 b, 4 a and c, this will be what the athletic committee will take care of. This entails best seat in the house as well.
3 a, b, and c, there will be a class committee to work on
If we are saying that we want to go ahead and do a class meeting, each class could take care of their own.
Between now and next Tuesday, get together and discuss how we will do this.
A committee with one person from each class will come together with everyoneís ideas.
This will be how we handle class meetings.
Athletic committee- Senator Williams, Senator Nguyen, Senator Stuart, Senator Hafer, and Senator Boudreaux
Comment Box and list serves
In the past the comment boxes have not worked in the past, so we are going to try to make it electronic, but having the office we could do different things
Senator Tan-We could make email
Liz Delcamp- You could put it at the info desk.
Senator Lusted- We want feedback from anyone, we could put in peopleís boxes.
Treasurer Ehricht- Going off of what Lori said, with the little slips of paper, it could go to the post office. Have them write comments and put them in the mail to the SGA mailbox.
Senator Will- I think the best place to put a comment box is on the counter and Randleís.
Secretary Lang- What if we have a raffle with the comments?
Senator Stuart- They might not be open with the comments.
I need to senators to work on the comment box and list serve. Senator Monette and Senator Will. Student rapport.

Approval Minutes from October 25, 2005
I move to amend lines 273 to read that Senator Russell seconds the adjournment, Senator Nelson Seconds

VI. Open Forum

Senator Stuart- Dallas Cowboys wipped up on the Cardinals.
Senator Furgerson- none
Senator Harrell- none
Senator Monette-
Senator Nguyen- If you donít agree with an amendment, donít just vote No, make amendments! With the money we have left over can we buy a couch for Best Seat in the House.
Senator Williams- Nothing.
Liz Delcamp- An email address can go into the article.
Senator McDonald- Please come to Rhapsody.
Senator Lusted- Saturday at 7:30 or on Sunday on 2:30. It would mean a lot to see all of you there. Chris you looked relaxed tonight and it looked good for you.
Senator King- It would be great if I could get reimbursed for my dry ice. What if an organization doesnít have the details? Should they wait til they have the details. YES. (they could come back for a reimbursement)
Senator Russell- Iím going to Houston.
Senator Will- Are we bringing the games back? Air hockey?
Senator Hafer-
Senator Ward-
Senator Liddell- Concerto Competition this Thursday 3:30. Please come!
Senator Cook- Cantare rehearsal tonight, sorry! Choir rehersal after this.
Senator Tan- My brother got another 4 sacs and got ejected from the game. Sports Report.
Senator Kohrs- Nothing.
Senator Boudreaux- I was trying to call the Hershey company, it seems like everything I pick up is owned by Hershey. Heath bar and Skor are the same!
Senator Rougely- Nothing.
Senator Nelson- J Lo update.
Advisor Delaney-I will take your name tags. I wonít be here next week.
Advisor Chirhart- Iím in the dog house with my wife. I have had walking pneumonia. She found out I had it and did not tell her. I didnít want to stress her out more.
Secretary Lang- Iím tired.
Treasurer Ehricht-
V.P. EA Cole- Homecoming committee meeting. APB out with a lot of Gap or Banana Republic underwear. Itís mine. David report, David was at a bar this weekend and got a girlís number and it was the rejection line
V.P. IA Hills- Bylaw committee meet me after meeting. My cell phone will be here by the end of the week.
President Lavan- I need the athletic committee to meet after meeting. I would ask that we respect each other when we talk. Itís not a time to discuss with someone. Save that for after meeting. That will save everyone.
Senator Russell moves to adjourn, seconded by Senator King