GreenHouse -- the Sustainability Living Learning Community

GreenHouse, Centenary's Sustainability Living Learning Community, allows students who share an interest in environmental and sustainability issues to live and study together in a designated residence hall. Students who participate in the GreenHouse will enjoy access to team-taught learning-labs, special events and programs, service-learning and internship opportunities, and close contact with faculty outside of the classroom.

There are no additional costs beyond regular tuition and housing fees. Students who wish to continue participating after their first year will be welcomed to do so, and may be invited to take on important roles as interns, mentors and student-leaders.

GreenHouse students can earn academic credit by participating in the "Sustainability Projects Lab" in which students work closely with peers and faculty to design and implement sustainability projects on campus and in the community. After the initial year, GreenHouse participants may also earn internship credit, and course-credit through independent studies, and COMMUNITY credit through service-learning activities.

Click here to read more about Centenary's commitment to sustainability.


The GreenHouse is open to students of any major who are interested in environmental issues and sustainability, who intend to live on campus, and who are in good academic standing. GreenHouse students must live in the designated space to participate.

Activities and Events

  • Community Gardening

  • Campus Sustainability Initiatives

  • Campus Carbon Calculator

  • Green workshops

  • Team-projects

  • Retreats

  • Film Nights

  • Communal Meals

  • Guest Speakers and Special Events


We are now accepting applications for the 2012-2013 academic year. There are 25 spaces available. To apply for 2012 and beyond, please complete your initial statement of interest.