Le Quartier Franšais

Centenary College's first living-learning residential program, Le Quartier Français, allows students who share similar academic interests, or an interest in a multi-cultural living experience, to live together in a designated residence floor and be completely immersed in the French language experience. The French LLC is designed with specific students in mind and includes services, programs and activities to enhance the academic program for those students.

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Students participate in the LLC for both Fall and Spring semesters and do not include any extra costs beyond regular tuition and housing fees.

Non-native speakers of French residing in Le Quartier Français may obtain one hour of credit by concurrent enrollment in French 211 or 311.


Le Quartier Français is a Living-Learning community in James Hall, one of the largest residence halls on campus. The goal of Le Quartier Français is to increase oral proficiency in a fun and relaxed environment. Students live together in rooms in James Hall West and are guided by a live-in native (or near native) speaker that includes exchange students from France and Residence Advisor. The students agree to speak French as much and as often as possible, and to dedicate non-classroom hours to full immersion in a group context. There are weekly activities in James Hall and on campus that allow students to develop their French language skills. The atmosphere of the living arrangements and activities is relaxed and focused on helping all students to learn and to grow as much as possible.


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  • Le Quartier Français is open to any student interested in French language and culture.

  • Language proficiency and completion of FR 202 or higher is required.


  • Commitment to speak French as much and as often as possible.

  • Completion of FR 202 and enrollment in FR 211.


  • Réunion du groupe (Group Meetings)

  • Déjeuner (Breakfast at various restaurants)


  • French Language Retreat

  • Festival de cinéma

  • Language Day

  • Cultural Events on campus

  • Soirée Crêpes (Crêpe Party)

  • Cheese, crêpes or coffee nights

  • Attend museums, concerts or lectures related to the French culture

  • Movie Night

  • French Club events

  • Communal meals


To apply for Le Quartier Français, please submit your initial statement of interest. A placement test is also required and can be taken during freshmen orientation.