=Centenary Today becomes Centenary Magazine

"Forward, Forward…Centenary" adj: at the forefront or progressive; ardently inclined; of, relating to, or done in preparation for the future; going, tending or moving toward a position in front

The words on the cover of this new magazine— “Forward, forward … Centenary”—reinforce traditions at Centenary College of Louisiana by echoing the chorus from our alma mater and pointing to Centenary’s record of forward-thinking scholarship.

Centenary Today, the former newspaper for alumni and friends of the College, moves forward now with a change in format that will enable Centenary stories to be presented in feature format and with photography best complemented by magazine printing and presentation. Like the preceding newspaper and the even earlier Centenary publication, Centenary Magazine is designed to capture the pictures and stories of the people and events that combine to make each semester unique.

In this inaugural issue we devote several pages to Centenary’s response to the largest natural disaster ever to hit Louisiana and indeed the nation, the double disasters of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita last August and September. It is difficult to imagine the depth of the devastation and the challenges ahead for the entire state, including the effects on those of us who live and study in the safety of Northwest Louisiana but whose lives are forever affected by the devastation down south. Editor Lynn Stewart gives a day-by-day account of Centenary’s response during the early days of the storms. Alumna Carla Madison LeBoeuf ’92 writes of her hurricane experience in Southwest Louisiana and Centenary student Carrie Weber presents photographs of part of the incredible devastation as Centenary Church Careers students lend a hand in Slidell, La.

Additionally, there is a feature about a unique college textbook that was born at Centenary 40 years ago and has been in use all over the world during these past four decades. Associate editor Kelsey Johnson writes about the amazing book and its Centenary authors, and also pens an interesting profile of alumnus Lorin Anderson ’88, whose passion for golf translated into a related career.

Read also about Founders’ Day and Homecoming Weekend, just completed in February, which gave us a chance to induct PGA Golfer Hal Sutton into the Alumni Hall of Fame (in addition to his previous listing in the Athletic Hall of Fame) and to recognize Gene and Charlotte Bryson with the Alumni Loyalty Award and Drs. Brad McPherson and Rosemary Seidler with Honorary Alumnus/Alumna status.

Other parts of the magazine recount the activities and accomplishments of Centenary faculty, staff, students and alumni. And, at the end, there is an opportunity for you to let us know what you think about Centenary Magazine and what you would like to see in future issues. Your thoughts are important to us. Please read and enjoy and let us hear from you.


Kenneth L. Schwab