From the Editor

Dear Alumni and Friends of Centenary College,

Lynn Stewart

Any given academic year has its own unique set of events, accomplishments, beginnings and endings. The pages of this edition of Centenary magazine cover many of the happenings of the past few months and some exciting news of upcoming events, including the celebration of Centenary’s 100th year in Shreveport-Bossier in 2008. There’s an entire year’s worth of festivities in the works, so tune in to for updates in the upcoming months.

This issue has a bit of a musical theme as several of our features deal with vocal music milestones. There’s a feature and photos from Camerata’s performance by invitation at Carnegie Hall, one of our nation’s most prestigious venues. See pages 20-23 for details. And there are articles related to the renowned Centenary College Choir (Page 16), which celebrated its 65th anniversary this year and also marked the end of an era for its longtime director (pages 12-15). Dr. Will K. Andress retires at the end of June 2007 and Choir alumnus David Hobson takes the helm as director on July 1.

There’s even a musical headline, “60 Years of Pomp and Circumstance,” in our feature about the amazing Betty McKnight Speairs, who has marched in the annual graduation exercises for six decades. This past May’s ceremony brought an additional twist, however, as Centenary bestowed an honorary doctorate on this most-faithful and energetic of professors emeriti, who is featured on pages 10-11.

Centenary students continue to expand their horizons with semesters abroad and through May Modules and service experiences. May graduate Kacie Lopez writes on pages 24-26 about the experiences of junior philosophy major Mindy Diez, the first participant in our new exchange program in Hong Kong.

On the outside back cover, there’s the great news about all of Centenary’s 2005-06 medical school applicants getting accepted. That accomplishment by 21 students is heralded by one of Centenary’s many fine physicians, Dr. Patrick Sewell ’86, who has been named one of “America’s Best Doctors.” He talks about Centenary’s role in his med school preparation and about the critical difference between Centenary and other schools.

Additionally, Centenary carries throughout its pages news about you, the members of the Centenary family as you live, work and serve—on the campus and throughout the world.

On a personal note, as I near my retirement from Centenary at the end of June, I would like to say that it has been a privilege to get to know so many of you in the Centenary family. I have been fortunate to know about your accomplishments and to chronicle them in Centenary publications, news media and web pages for these past 13 and a half years. You are an elite group, bound together for life by the Centenary experience and a love of your alma mater. We’ve told some of your stories, but there are so many, many more to tell. I look forward to reading and viewing more of them in future editions and venues.

Lynn Stewart