Powerpoint Templates

Of use in the construction of Centenary-branded presentations, the Powerpoint file attached below features one of our Centenary logos embedded to recur (by default) on every slide of a presentation.

If you are attempting to stage a presentation for an important external audience, get in touch with Jeremy Johnson at email to find out about additional multimedia options beyond the normal Powerpoint possibilities.


Most simply, you can just open up the ppt file as is and then use Save As to save it, under a name of your choosing, as a normal .ppt presentation. Because the Centenary word mark is built into the 'master template,' you'll find that the word mark automatically appears on all new slides that you add to the presentation.

To use centenaryonly.ppt as a proper Powerpoint template, you'll need to

  1. Open the attached file and use File->Save As
  2. Choose to save it as type "Design Template" (you can retain the centenaryOnly name). Allow Powerpoint to place your new template file in the default location that is automatically selected — Powerpoint maintains a "secret" template folder.
  3. From this point on, the template should be available as an option whenever you use File->New Document (or whenever you open Powerpoint's "slide design" sidebar).