FOR THE LOVE OF ART: Selections from the Collection of John Webster Keefe

November 22, 2009 – January 31, 2010

Mr. John Webster KeefeMr. John Webster Keefe

From the time he was a teenager, John Keefe was fascinated by all aspects of the nineteenth-century, beginning to collect objects from the period 1800 to 1900 at a young age. Fortunately, such works were then not widely respected and were readily available at reasonable prices. Since museum professionals are subject to strict guidelines in their private collecting, the low esteem in which nineteenth-century works of art were held in the 1960s meant that the young collector had a relatively free hand in selecting works from sources ranging from bona fide dealers to estate sales to antiques shops. Those pieces have become part of the daily life of the owner, reflecting a highly personal taste. For the first time, selections of drawings, paintings and small sculpture from the private collection of John Webster Keefe, the RosaMary Foundation Curator of The Decorative Arts at the New Orleans Museum of Art, will be exhibited in FOR THE LOVE OF ART. Mr. Keefe will participate in a number of programs developed to complement this exhibition, including a gallery walk-through, discussions of how he became a collector and how that collecting evolved, how reevaluation of nineteenth–century art developed, and a docent training session.

John Webster Keefe is the RosaMary Foundation Curator of the Decorative Arts at the New Orleans Museum of Art Photo by Judy Cooper