Mission and Goals of the Hurley School of Music

Mission Statement

The mission of the Hurley School of Music is to provide the highest quality training and development of music students in the context of a liberal arts college. Embracing the college's liberal arts philosophy, the School of Music guides young musicians in either general studies in the BA in Music degree or more intensive programs of specialization through concentrations within the BA in Music degree. It provides opportunities for all segments of the college and the community to experience the art of music through class offerings, applied music study, ensemble participation and the presentation of concerts. The Hurley School of Music is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.


  • Provide a musical education of the highest quality for its music majors, whether in a program of general music study, or more focused concentration. The Hurley School of Music places strong emphasis on participation in quality performance of music.

  • Provide instruction for the non-major in the appreciation of music, both academic and performance areas, which will enhance the cultural literacy of Centenary graduates.

  • Provide musical and educational resources for the ArkLaTex community.

Goal One: Music Majors

Goal one is achieved through the degree programs of the School of Music, as follows.

  • Mission of the BA Degree in Music

    The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree develops students' skills in musicianship and performance to a level that gives them a firm basis for graduate work in music.


    • Students will develop their unique musical interests and talents.

    • Students are prepared to enter graduate school in music.

  • Mission of the BA in Music Degree with a Concentration in Performance

    The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree with a concentration in Performance prepares the student for graduate study in a specific performing medium.


    • Students will demonstrate competent performance techniques in a specific performing medium, including sight-reading fluency, supple and beautiful sound and knowledge of a variety of different performing styles.

    • Students will learn a broad variety of repertoire for their major instrument during study for public performances on their instrument or voice. In the case of vocal students, they will also achieve competence in foreign language diction.

  • Mission of the BA in Music Degree with a Concentration in Choral Music

    The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree with a concentration in Choral Music is a course of study for students intending to pursue the performance and/or teaching of choral music. This concentration gives them the foundational skills and knowledge to enter graduate school in conducting, or to successfully pass the PRAXIS exam and enter an MAT degree for teaching certification.


    • Students will learn important skills in aural musicianship. The development of the internal ear and the ability to diagnose problems in performance are essential skills.

    • Students will demonstrate skills in leading musicians in rehearsal and performance.

    • Students will demonstrate managerial skills in visualizing, planning and organizing.

  • Mission of the BA in Music Degree with a Concentration in Sacred Music

    The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree with a concentration in Sacred Music prepares the student for music leadership in the religious community and for graduate study in the area of sacred music.


    • Students will develop the conducting and leadership competencies expected of a church musician.

    • Students will learn the history of sacred music, especially as it parallels the history of the church, including liturgical forms and hymnology.

    • Students will understand the administrative structures and procedures of church music, including management and organization.

    • Students will develop a philosophy of sacred music, including an understanding of the place of music in worship, and the creative uses of both traditional literature and newer forms of worship music.

  • Mission of the BA in Music Degree in Composition

    The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree with a concentration in Composition offers students an understanding of the fundamental elements involved in the creation of original music. Students in this concentration learn by modeling original work after existing works from a wide variety of style periods, with a focus on methodology. Practical skills like computer software notation and performance production are integrated into traditional studies such as counterpoint, orchestration and analysis. Students in this concentration may elect to pursue graduate study in composition.


    • Students will understand the aural effect of new music on listeners and learn to manipulate and control that effect through a comprehensive knowledge of the fundamental properties in music construction.

    • Students will perfect compositional techniques in their own work.

Goal Two: Non-Majors

Goal two is achieved through the following objectives.


  • To provide opportunities for non-major students to participate in music ensembles of all types.
  • To provide opportunities for non-major students to take private applied lessons.
  • To provide core classes that will enhance the liberal education of Centenary students

Goal Three: The Community

Goal three is achieved in part through preparatory programs, such as the Centenary Piano Preparatory Program, the Centenary Suzuki School, and the Centenary Youth Orchestra. Goal three is also achieved by the presenting of recitals and concerts that are open to the public.

  • Mission of the Centenary Piano Preparatory Program

    The Centenary Piano Preparatory Program is a school of piano teaching endorsed by the Hurley School of Music at Centenary College designed for students ages 5-18. Its mission is to foster a love of music in each child that will last a lifetime and to provide each child the highest quality piano education possible. The Centenary Piano Preparatory Program offers a well-rounded education in piano that focuses upon proper technique, sound music repertoire, theory and sight-reading.


    • To develop students through private lessons in building solid technique and learning repertoire.

    • To teach music theory, basic keyboard skills, and sight-reading through group classes.

    • To prepare students to perform in at least one festival annually.

    • To prepare students to take the Piano Rally theory exam each year.

    • To give a spring recital each year, in which all students participate.

  • Mission of the Centenary Suzuki School

    The Centenary Suzuki School strives to offer the highest quality string instruction in the State of Louisiana by starting children at the earliest age possible, using the Suzuki method as well as traditional materials such as scales, etudes, and supplemental pieces. Key components are: involved parents, well-trained teachers, and weekly private and group classes. Through weekly note-reading experiences in theory, orchestra, and chamber music, we seek to develop well-rounded musicians. While our plan is to sufficiently prepare students who choose to pursue music degrees, our broader goal is to promote a life-long love of music, either through participation in music-making, or through attendance and support of performances of various musical institutions and organizations. Through music study involving the Suzuki approach, our highest goal is to aid in the development of good citizens and to foster a sensitivity to all that is beautiful in life.


    • To strive for excellence in musical technique by a method that has proved itself to be overwhelmingly successful in Japan, America, and all over the world.

    • To allow each child to develop his or her capabilities to their fullest extent.

    • To foster an appreciation of music and a pride in the performance of music.

    • To develop a sense of musicianship

    • To contribute to the over-all development of sensitive and accomplished men and women.

    • To enhance our community, not only through public performances by the Centenary Suzuki School (CSS), but by training students who will hold key positions in their school orchestras, city youth symphony, church orchestras, our own Centenary College Orchestra, and the Shreveport Symphony.

    • To prepare students not only to enjoy their instruments as avocations, but to provide the students the necessary tools in theory, ensemble playing, sight reading, advanced technique, and musical sensitivity, so that they may achieve success as music majors should they choose to pursue music at the undergraduate and/or graduate levels.

  • Mission of the Centenary Youth Orchestra

    The mission of the CYO is to provide high quality instruction for high school students by building ensemble skills and empowering them with the repertoire necessary to pursue college level auditions. By presenting a performance of quality with the ensemble every semester, we strive to bring both local and national attention to the CYO, the Hurley School of Music, and Centenary College of Louisiana.


    • To provide comprehensive orchestral training by its acclaimed faculty

    • To introduce students to the art of the sectional

    • To provide experience accompanying nationally recognized young guest artists

    • To offer optional lessons and theory instruction, all housed in Centenary's state-of-the art rehearsal and performance venues

The Music Library

Mission of the Music Library

The Hurley Music Library supports and sustains the activities and mission of the Hurley School of Music.


  • To actively collect materials to support and enhance undergraduate and faculty study and research at Centenary College of Louisiana.

  • To seek special music collections to enrich these degree programs.

  • To operate fully as a partner and leader in the liberal arts philosophy of the college, serving the entire student body

  • To serve as a musical resource to the greater ArkLaTex community.