Hurley Orchestra

Dr. Todd Gabriel, director

The Hurley School of Music Orchestra is comprised of approximately 40 music and non-music majors. They perform four concerts annually under the direction of Dr. Todd Gabriel. Standard chamber and symphonic orchestra repertoire, concerto and aria accompaniments and world premier compositions are explored every year. Hurley School of Music faculty are featured as solo artists.

The group meets three times a week in the modern facility of Feazel Instrumental Hall for rehearsals, and performs in the fine acoustics of Anderson Auditorium. An annual concerto/aria contest to win an opportunity to perform with the orchestra is open to all students.

Faculty Solo Series

Recent Faculty Solo Series featured

  • Horace English, bass-baritone
  • Michael Scarlato, trumpet
  • Adrienne Gabriel, viola
  • Constance Carol, piano

Hear past solo performances

Hurley Orchestra sound clips